Struggle for free, comprehensive and progressive National public health system

(Statement by the Council for Health and Democracy)

As we commemorate World Health Day and the 75th founding anniversary of the World Health Organization, the Council for Health and Development reiterates our call to continue the struggle for free, comprehensive and progressive national public health system.

With the current system of health in the country, an overhaul is needed in order to achieve a free, comprehensive, and progressive national health system that will ensure the accessibility and availability of health care to all the Filipinos.

Today, CHD renews its call for the government to respect, promote, and protect our health as a fundamental human right in addition to the following demands:

  1. Junk Public-Private-Partnership, corporatization, and all forms of privatization in health
  2. Allocate at least 10% of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) to health
  3. Increase budget for government hospitals, health facilities and services
  4. Ensure an adequate number of health personnel in the healthcare system with job security and just compensation
  5. Re-nationalize and strengthen the public health care system
  6. Enact the Free National Public Health System Bill or House Bill 208

(Photos from the CHD Facebook of the program held by different health advocacy organizations outside the WHO Western Pacific Region Office in Manila last April 3, 2023)

By arkibongbayanph

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