UP Engineering Radio Guild Tribute for Monram

UP Engineering Radio Guild pays tribute to Ramon Ramirez, a dear ERG alumnus who has influenced many through his fighting spirit and use of technology.

Ramon Ramirez lived his life serving the people. A quiet man with a calm disposition, Sir Mon spoke through pictures, capturing and delivering truths on the struggles of the masses. Through this, he had become a storyteller.

As an engineer, Sir Mon always had the interest of the common people in mind. His life and accomplishments remind us that we are our nation’s engineers.

Ramon Ramirez serves as an inspiration to the future Inhinyero ng Bayan to amplify the voices of the unheard, to change oppressive structures, and to connect to the communities we serve.

UP ERG is honored to have an extraordinary alumnus in its roots. May you rest in peace, Sir Mon.

UP Engineering Radio Guild Tribute for Monram

By arkibongbayanph

Arkibong Bayan is not just a simple repository. Before there was intense use of social media around the world, Monram through Arkibong Bayan digitally shared the vibrant stories of valiant struggle of the Filipino people (and the world) for human rights, peace, justice, democracy, and freedom.