Super 8 Workers Go On Strike

August 7, 2019

Defend Job Philippines strongly condemns the massive termination of some 200 contractual workers of grocery warehouse chain, Super 8 in Pasig City on Monday. As result of this, we hereby stand with their collective decision to act and go on strike today against this recent attack of their management against their ranks in form of mass termination, series of harassments and union busting.

Yesterday, the Matapat Service Cooperative, the agency of Super 8 company, reportedly gathered all the workers in its head office in Muñoz, Quezon City to announce their termination due to the agency’s claim that it failed to acquire the service contract in the bidding process.

The agency also offered the workers to sign the termination papers in exchange of their half month salaries and that the workers are prohibited to go out of the office until they have signed the said documents. To date, their regularization case is being heard and process in the Labor Department.

It can be recalled also that just few weeks ago, leaders and members of their association have been suspended over false charges. On their series of black shirt protests and lunch break picket rallies outside their warehouse, they claimed that such effort to suspend their officials were clear moves to harass them and their organization.

Striking contractual workers of Super 8 grocery warehouse in Pasig City were forced to fight the chain of repression of their agency and management. Their action is a just, democratic and legal expression of their indignation and condemnation against the anti-labor attacks of the Super 8 management.

We call on Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to intervene on this labor dispute immediately and show compassion to these terminated workers who have been victimized of contractualization, union busting and violation of the rights as workers.

We are also giving a strong warning to the Super 8 management and its agency to take their hands-off the striking workers and avoid exercising violent dispersal towards the peaceful and legitimate strike of its workers.

It must also be made clear that the present state of Super 8 workers is a concrete reflection and result of President Duterte’s veto to the Security of Tenure Bill recently.

If an anti-contractualization legislation will remain unsigned by Duterte, then thousands more of contractual Filipino workers are doomed to suffer the same situation of the workers of Super 8.

We also call on the public to express support to the strike of Super 8 workers in whatever form they can. Contractual as well as regular workers in different workplaces must also emulate the actions of Super 8 workers by organizing themselves in labor unions and collectively assert their rights for regular jobs, better benefits, safe workplaces, rights to self-organization and protection of their labor rights at all cost.