Wage Hike, Not Oil Price Hikes

Kilusang Mayo Uno – Metro Manila
Quezon City May 21, 2018

Militant labor group, Kilusang Mayo Uno – Metro Manila led a protest rally at a gasoline station in Quezon City today as giant oil companies already announced that a new ‘big-time’ oil price hike is set to be implemented this week.

Citing news reports, KMU Metro Manila said that prices of gasoline will increase to P1.50-P1.60 per liter, diesel to P1.00 – P1.10 per liter and P0.85-P0.95 per liter. According to the group, series of weekly oil price adjustments since January 2018 shoot up diesel prices by P8.95, gasoline by P8.07 and kerosene by P9.21.


Photos by Katrina Yamzon