Revolutionary Forces Salute and Support Patriotic AFP and PNP Officers and Personnel

Statement by Prof. Jose Maria Sison
NDFP Chief Political Consultant
November 21, 2018

The revolutionary forces and the entire Filipino people are aware that there is a significant number of patriotic officers and personnel in the AFP and PNP who are offended and discontented by the Duterte regime over certain major issues that include the following:

1. The violation of professional standards due to Duterte’s personal favoritism in promoting and rewarding officers whom he has befriended since his mayorship in Davao City and who follow his illegal orders at the expense of far more senior and more qualified officers.

2. Duterte’s systematic efforts to practically convert the AFP and PNP into his private army and ensure personal loyalty of these favored officers by making them criminal accomplices in extrajudicial killings and privately pocketing intelligence and operational funds under various pretexts in Oplan Kapayapaan ang Oplan Tokhang.

3. Duterte’s treasonous sell-out of Philippine sovereign rights and national patrimony in the West Philippine Sea, thus giving away the trillions of US dollars worth of oil, gas and other resources, putting the Philippines into the Chinese debt trap and allowing the Chinese to build artificial islands and militarize these, hampering Philippine air and naval posts and patrols and preventing Filipino fishermen from fishing in these waters.

4. Unnecessarily bombing and destroying Marawi City instead of resorting to negotiations; terminating the peace negotiations with the NDFP; overconcentrating and wearing out most of the AFP forces in Mindanao under the cover of martial law, launching mostly blind offensives against the Filipino and Bangsamoro forces and thus providing further reasons and conditions for these forces to intensify their armed resistance.

5. Preparing AFP and PNP for martial law nationwide in order to manipulate the results of the May 2019 elections in favor of pro-Duterte candidates and push chacha for autocratic rule under the guise of federalism, thus sustaining the widespread public perception that the AFP and PNP are the enemy of democracy and the people.

In accordance with its broad united policy, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines takes cognizance of these issues against the Duterte regime within the AFP and PNP and expresses sympathy and support to the patriotic and democratic-minded officers and personnel who reject and oppose the tyrannical, treasonous and corrupt rule of Duterte.

Under the 1987 Constitution of their own government, it is their duty to defend national sovereignty and the people and withdraw their support from the Duterte regime as their predecessors did in 1986 and 2001 against the Marcos and Estrada regimes. The revolutionary forces of the people salute them as they seek and strive to perform their constitutional mandate.###