Chief Political Consultant NDFP

The Truth About Fake Surrenders

March 5, 2018

First, Duterte and the military claimed that they were getting surrenderers from the New People´s Army by the hundreds. These were being presented to Duterte in batches for the purpose of propaganda.

But the fact became too well known that AFP soldiers and some civilians were being misrepresented as NPA surrenderers. The joke circulated fast that the Duterte regime will soon finish off the NPA in a matter of days through the sheer imagination and fabrication of NPA surrenderers by his military psywar experts.

Now, there is a shift in counterrevolutionary propaganda. Duterte and his military minions claim that they are getting surrenderers not only from the NPA but also from the people´s militia, the underground mass organizations, the self-defense units and the organs of political power.

They continue to make the absurd claim that thousands of NPA fighters and their supporters are poised to surrender and disappear soon because they are bored with or tired of fighting oppression and exploitation and are eager to enjoy the new paradise that Duterte has brought about in the Philippines.

The Duterte regime looks ridiculous and even funny by staging the fake surrenders of NPA fighters and their supporters. But serious violations of civil and political rights are perpetrated by Duterte and the military in their intensified drive to produce fake surrenders.

Barangay officials are being persuaded or coerced to call people to meetings. Those attending are made to sign attendance sheets, at the back of which is the text of surrender. They are photographed and videographed and misrepresented as taking the oath of surrender and renewing their allegiance to the neocolonial republic.
The luckiest of the fake surrenderers are selected to have a junket in Manila and have an audience with Duterte. In his palace, Duterte even promises to bring the fake surrenderers to Hongkong and China. But there is a deadly and tragic side to these fake surrenders. As in Oplan Tokhang, so is it in Oplan Kapayapaan.

In Oplan Tokhang, people are either coerced or persuaded by barangay officials to surrender as drug addicts for rehabilitation. But the list of surrenderers serves as the basis for Duterte´s death squads in the police to fulfill their quotas of killing drug suspects, collecting cash rewards of 10,000 to 20,000 pesos per victim, earning merits for promotion in rank and getting commissions from funeral parlors.

In Oplan Kapayapaan, people are also being coerced or persuaded by barangay officials to surrender themselves as NPA fighters or members of the people´s militia, mass organizations, self-defense units and the local organs of political power. They are even promised cash rewards, jobs. housing and other benefits. But the list of surrenderers serves as the basis for the military to fulfill their quota of killing revolutionary suspects at the variable rates of 25,000 to 100,000 pesos per head, depending on the rank ascribable to the victim.

The CPP Information Bureau has already issued exposes of the increasing number of fake surrenders and murders of revolutionary suspects in various regions. And the revolutionary forces and people are strengthening their ranks and sharpening their methods for frustrating and defeating their enemy in his dastardly scheme to commit mass murders.

They draw lessons from a long and rich history of revolutionary resistance. All previous campaign plans of the reactionary government have tried to terrorize the people with the abduction, torture and murder of revolutionary suspects and social activists. Oplan Kapayaaan is worse than its predecessor campaign plans because of Duterte´s evil scheme to wipe out the revolutionary movement completely by any criminal means. But the revolutionary movement of the people will become stronger precisely because of the escalation of state terrorism and plunder.

At the moment, all the revolutionary forces and the people are being challenged to intensify their efforts to engage in public education, mass organizing, land reform, raising production, delivering health services, promoting culture and sports and demanding a just peace. At the same time. The NPA, the people´s militia and the self-defense units of mass organizations are expected to deliver lethal blows to their terrorist enemy. The Communist Party of the Philippines is effectively leading the NPA.
The broad masses of the people expect that the NPA intensify their offensives against the AFP, PNP and their auxiliary forces in order to defeat them and make further advances in the revolutionary movement. They estimate that if everyone of the scores of guerrilla fronts launches a successful offensive every day, the fake surrenders and fake encounters being claimed by the Duterte regime and the military will become inutile even as military psywar for the extremely gullible.###