On Preparations of the AFP and PNP to Unleash the Duterte Death Squads Against the People

By Jose Maria Sison
NDFP CHief Political Consultant
December 6, 2018

NDFP Chief Political Consultant

Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Under the pretext of fighting the CPP and NPA in urban and rural areas, the AFP and PNP top dogs are eager and gearing up to unleash the Duterte death squads and commit mass murders against the critics and opponents of the Duterte regime, the social activists, the religious and defenders of human rights. Duterte himself announced his plan to unleash his death squads against anyone suspected of being associated with the CPP and NPA. He is bound to be culpable for the murder of so many people who have actually nothing to do with the CPP and NPA because these organizations are clandestine and are mainly in the guerrilla fronts.

As in Oplan Tokhang, the Duterte death squads have the license to kill just anyone and are emboldened to commit murders by presidential protection and incentives in cash and promotion in rank. They act as the judges and executioners of civilians (including istambays) suspected of the least or imagined association with the CPP and NPA. They are expected to outstrip the killing record of Oplan Tokhang which has already murdered 27,000 victims. Their big problem is that they aim to kill people who belong not only to the unorganized masses of the impoverished (like the Tokhang victims in urban poor slums) but also the leaders and activists of the organized masses and even the intelligentsia who justly cry foul over every single case of murder.

The Duterte regime is accelerating its own doom with killing sprees. The broad masses of the people are outraged by the fact that Duterte is not only a power-crazed murder maniac but is also culpable for the treasonous sell-out of sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea to China, the stinking corruption from the level of Duterte downwards, his being the supreme drug lord and a self-admitted drug addict, the rise of unemployment and the soaring prices of basic goods and services, the refusal to negotiate peace with the revolutionaries and so many other crimes against the people.

Even within the AFP and PNP, there is an increasing number of officers and enlisted personnel who are repelled by the criminal character and crimes of the Duterte regime and by Duterte’s use of the AFP and PNP) as his private armies against the people and the opposition. There is a growing movement among them for the withdrawal of support from the Duterte regime in concert with the broad united front of opposition forces and the rising mass movement against the tyranny of the Duterte regime and its scheme to impose a full-blown fascist dictatorship on the people through de facto or proclaimed martial rule nationwide, the manipulation of the 2019 elections and the chacha for a bogus federalism in which the fascist dictator concentrates powers in his hands and handpicks his regional and provincial agents among the oligarchs, dynasties and warlords.#