Mayo Uno 2018

International Workers' Day - May 1, 2018

Migrante International

On the May 1st 2018 International Workers’ Day
Migrants and Workers of the World Unite!

April 30, 2018
Migrante International


s the global economic crisis boils up, the ruling powers are aggressively bolstering the oppressive social order that afflicts the majority of the masses. US imperialism is now more than ever eager to launch wars of aggression for the sake of sustaining its war-based economy at the behest of global monopoly capitalists and the warmongering monsters of the military industrial complex. Wherever it goes, it wreaks havoc on its path.

In the Philippines, the puppet US-Duterte regime finds pleasure in its harlotry with imperialist rivals China and the United States. We have seen how death and destruction has engulfed the city of Marawi for the sake of expanding EDCA-compliant military bases that will host more American troops while our territorial waters on the West Philippine Sea are now teeming with artificial islands guarded by Chinese military forces.

These devastating imperialist conquests are all attributable to monopoly capitalism and its ravenous greed salivating after the extraction and exploitation of our natural resources while subjecting the Filipino people to all sorts of neoliberal attacks. Boozed in his puppetry, Duterte still had the nerve to implore for patriotism from OFWs in Kuwait by urging them to come back, only to retract it later by pointing to China as their next destination.

Approaching his second year in office, the US-Duterte regime is clearly placing the interests of big corporations above the rights and welfare of the working class by legitimizing contractualization, flexible working schemes, union-busting and the perpetuation of regional wage boards. Moreover, unemployment, landlessness and privatization of public services inflict more pain and agony to our poor farmers and workers. Adding insult to injury, this year’s imposition of Duterte’s TRAIN law caused prices of basic commodities to spike rapidly. We can really be certain that under these conditions, millions more of our countrymen will leave the country to look for greener pastures abroad. Desperation has even caused many to end up working in war-torn and hostile countries. Duterte’s attitude on the issue of the OFWs in Kuwait and the case of MJ Veloso displays his lack of a clear and comprehensive program to resolve the long-standing problem of the migrant workers.

All over the Philippines, relentless killings and bombings have gripped communities and displaced hundreds of thousands. A few days ago, armed security ruffians opened fire at protesting farmers in Nueva Ecija. In Cagayan Valley, Father Mark Ventura was gunned down before his congregants just after officiating over his Sunday mass. The government’s fake war on drugs is claiming more and more lives in poor communities while big drug-lords are absolved of their crimes.

There is no denying that US-Duterte is waging war against the people by unleashing State-terror to establish his Fascist dictatorship. But the growing intensity of our unwavering resistance continues to frustrate his vicious ambitions. No amount of state-led repression or intimidation will ever immunize Duterte from the waxing outrage of the struggling Filipino masses. We rest in our strong faith that workers in unity with the farmers and other patriotic sectors will emerge victorious in the battle against Fascism and Imperialism.

The tempest still rages but let us keep pressing on in demanding for genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization to decisively address the roots of forced migration and underdevelopment in our country. As we continually realize our collective strength by struggling for the attainment of justice and national democracy, let us take inspiration from the working men and women of ages past who braved all hardships and persecutions when they fought unjust working schemes that deprived them of their rights and benefits.

The International Workers’ Day is the day when we glorify and honor all workers who struggle to build a just new world where the current oppressive order will finally be abolished and thrown into the dustbin of history. Migrante International salutes all progressive Filipino workers in their strong resolve to build a strong labor movement in the country for the liberation of the entire working class not only in the Philippines but in the entire world.

Migrants and workers of the world unite!

We have nothing to lose but our chains!

Long live the labor movement!

Kilusang Mayo Uno

Workers’ Historic Unity and Outrage vs. The Fascist Duterte Regime

May 1, 2018

We Filipino workers mark this year’s International Labor Day commemoration with a historic nationwide protest that highlights our unity and outrage against Rodrigo Duterte’s failed promises, implementation of anti-worker policies, establishment of a fascist dictatorship through massive killings and gross trade union and human rights violations.

On Contractualization Workers are outraged over Duterte’s rejection of our demand to end all forms of contractualization. We are not buying his desperate and repeated ploys to quell the labor sector’s growing protests and unity against his failed promises.

We firmly believe that his claim that he “may or may not” sign an EO this Labor Day is just another PR stunt as last year’s Labor Day Dialogue where he promised to sign our EO which only ended in zero.

On Wages There has been no real increase in wages since Duterte became President. Instead of a substantial wage hike, Duterte gave us price hikes through the notorious TRAIN law. As a result, the gap between the current minimum wage levels and the estimated Family living wage has grown ever wider. Whatever incremental wage or non-wage benefit Duterte passes this Labor Day will be insufficient to close this gap.

Instead, we demand the implementation of a national minimum wage, along with increasing wages to P750 for all workers nationwide.

On Jobs The hypocrisy of the Duterte regime is evident in the recent issues involving the loss of jobs for Filipinos here and abroad. Duterte is pushing for OFWs in Kuwait to return to the Philippines out of “nationalism,” yet his Labor Day job fairs are driving more and more Filipino workers out of the country.

Moreover, he has just destroyed 36,000 jobs in Boracay to pave the way for Chinese investors. In the same vein, around 600,000 jeepney drivers are threatened to lose their livelihoods under the government’s jeepney phase-out program, while handing over the monopoly control of our public transport system to foreign corporations.

On Duterte’s tyranny and creeping dictatorship This Labor Day, we vow to fight and defeat Duterte’s tyranny and creeping dictatorship. Duterte’s fascist tactics — his killing spree of unionists and labor rights advocates, the persecution of his political opponents, and the criminalization and terrorist tagging of workers’ and people’s legitimate dissent — must stop.

We demand the lifting of Martial Law in Mindanao, which has led to gross labor and human rights violations in the region. We will not allow Duterte to push through with his Charter Change that would allow him to establish his fascist dictatorship.

This year’s historic Labor Day nationwide protest of over 150,000 workers only marks the beginning of our growing unity and resistance against Duterte’s oppressive and tyrannical rule.

Elmer “Ka Bong” Labog, KMU Chairperson, 0908-163-6597
Neil Ambion, KMU Public Information Officer, 0928-235-9733


Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Celebrate The International Day of Labor
and The 200th Birth Anniversary of Karl Marx

By Jose Maria Sison
Chairperson, International League of Peoples´ Struggle
May 1, 2018

Warmest greetings of solidarity! The International League of People’s Struggles (ILPS) stands with our member-organization, Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU), and the broad masses of workers and people celebrating the International Day of Labor and joining the mass protests this May 1.

This day closely precedes the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx on May 5. The ILPS recognizes that there is no more fitting tribute to Marx, the great thinker and founder of the theory and practice of proletarian revolution, than to adopt a theme from his great work, the Communist Manifesto: “Workers of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains.”

The strong internationallist theme is demanded by the major problems that confront and inflict grave suffering on the workers of the world, including those of the Philippines.. These include unemployment and underemployment, job insecurity, low wages, repression of unions, and the lack of social services such as housing and public transportation.

They arise from the profit-taking nature of capitalism at the expense of the working class, especially under the current imperialist neoliberal policies. Indeed. workers of the world must unite to fight their class expploiters and oppressors.

In the Philippines, the blatant use of fascist policy and tactics against workers is a direct response to the successful, widespread working class movement fighting to uphold workers’ rights. We support your main calls for the junking of contractualization, for a national minimum wage, for better public services, and for a just and lasting peace in the context of the ongoing war between the reactionary government and the revolutionary forces of the people.

Indeed, with these clear goals, KMU has succeeded in building a historic alliance with other labor organizations in the country, as workers unite in the face of the Duterte regime’s neoliberal attacks on labor rights and welfare. KMU must maintain its independence and initiative while leading the fight against the tyrannical regime.

KMU has always been at the forefront of the campaigns of the labor sector in the Philippines, because of its capacity for sharp, thorough, and incisive analysis of workers’ issues in the national and international setting. KMU fulfills a crucial role in leading the struggles of Filipino workers, who have labored under the yoke of the semifeudal and semicolonial system.

Today, that struggle is intensifying against the anti-people, anti-worker regime of Duterte and his ruling clique of landlords, big compradors, and bureaucrat capitalists, including the still politically-active families of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos and the plunderer Gloria M. Arroyo.

This Labor Day, Filipino workers’ condemnation of the Duterte regime’s neoliberal economic policies aligns with the worldwide workers’ movement against imperialism. It has been a decade since the 2008 global financial crisis, yet workers still suffer from its lasting impact, and the crisis of overproduction and excessive publicdebt continues to worsen and deepen.

Capitalists have developed an arsenal of ways and means to keep maximizing profits at the expense of the laboring people. Around the world, exploitation persists, as evident in the pervasiveness of cheap labor, austerity measures, higher taxes for the poor; and tax cuts for the corporations and the rich, the privatization of public assets and services and inhumane working conditions.

Meanwhile, as workers and other oppressed people suffer from the unresolved economic downturn, giant corporations and governments of imperialists and imperialist allies survive through self-serving mechanisms such as state-funded bailouts, credits, and public funding; blatant graft and corruption; and one-sided public-private partnerships.

The nonstop accumulation of capital in the hands of the ruling class is flagrant in the Philippines and the whole world. In the National Capital Region, the current daily minimum wage is less than half of the estimated family living wage.

The gap is widened as the Duterte regime railroads laws designed to benefit the ruling classes while adding to the burdens of the poor, such as the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) law, which increases taxes on basic goods and services and bring about rising prices for the toiliing masses, while lowering the import costs of luxury goods.

Duterte and his cronies maintain and aggravate the harsh social and economic conditions of the people primarily through state terrorism and active black propaganda campaign against social activists and other critics of his administration.

These strategies of the oppressive rulers are nothing new. As seen in the recent unwarranted attacks on Palestine and Syria, the US and its imperialist allies continue to wage outright wars of aggression in order to feed the greed of the military-industrial complex, while raising the public debt and destroying the lives in great numbers and the physical and social infrastructure of their “enemy” countries.

But even in a world beset by a sharp rise in state terrorist tactics, Duterte is unusually notorious. His multiple wars against his own people, from a drug war targeting the poor to a war against revolutionaries, have resulted in tens of thousands of deaths in only two years. His death toll is unprecedented even in comparison to Marcos. In the labor sector, 29 have been killed since Duterte came into power in 2016.

To suppress the legal political activities and clearly legitimate dissent against his ultr-reactionary policies and actions, Duterte has increased military expenditures and used the military, police and paramilitary for selfish criminal purposes. He repeatedly goads, rewards and supports the military, police and paramiltary to cary out mass killings and other atrocities.

The Duterte administration has also made frenzied efforts to generate and spread fake news, intended to mislead the masses and deflect public anger against his government. This is particularly obvious in Duterte’s pretense at being opposed to contractualization, as he signs executive orders riddled with loopholes instead of working with the labor sector to end contractualization once and for all. He has recently exposed himself totally as being for contractualization.

This year, the need for workers to organize and oppose imperialism on a local and global scale is stronger than ever. Some 170 years ago, Marx reminded proletarian revolutionaries: “You have a world to win.” Workers in the Philippines and around the world should unite in fighting oppression and exploitation.

We join the revolutionary struggle of all oppressed peoples to build a society characterized, not by inequality and mass suffering, but by freedom from imperialism and local reaction, by democracy, economic development, cultural progress and social justice for the people towards the goal of socialism.

Long live Kilusang Mayo Uno!
Long live the working class and the Filipino people!
Fight imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat capitalism!
Long live the great legacy of Marx!
Advance the world proletarian-socialist revolution!


Mga Pagbati - May 1, 2018

Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid

Fulfill The Tasks of the Worker-Peasant Basic Alliance to Win The Revolution and Build a Socialist Future

1 May 2018
Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid
National Democratic Front of the Philippines

As the country’s largest labor organizations unite on the 115th International Working People’s Day under one banner to strongly protest the imperialist and neoliberal policies of labor contractualization and ‘ENDO’, systematic union busting, suppression of workers’ rights, and the prevailing oppressive working conditions utilized by capitalists, the Pambansang Katipunan ng mga Magbubukid-National Democratic Front of the Philippines (PKM-NDFP) calls on all working class and the peasant masses nationwide to take advantage of the social conditions and wage revolution to overthrow the joint class dictatorship of landlords and big bourgeoisie.

“It is the historical duty of the Filipino working class and proletariat to lead the national democratic revolution to victory. The basic alliance of workers and peasants should now more than ever be unified and strengthened in the face of more challenges under the tyrannical rule of Rodrigo Roa Duterte,” according to PKM Spokesperson Andres Agtalon.

“It is the duty of workers and peasant sectors to reach out to millions of Filipinos here and abroad and draw them into the people’s democratic revolution.”

“We invite workers in factories, economic enclaves and offices, as well as service sector employees from BPOs who are severely exploited by local and foreign businesses to integrate and live with poor peasants in the countryside and in the guerilla zones of the New People’s Army (NPA). Let us strengthen the basic alliance of workers and peasants and achieve more victories for the revolution,” Agtalon said.

Agtalon said the NPA that is comprised mainly of poor and landless peasants and farmworkers all over the country is always in need of fresh boost and new recruits from the ranks of workers and intellectuals.

“The Communist Party of the Philippines, through PKM and revolutionary mass organizations in the countryside, are waging agrarian revolution at varying levels. It is building the revolutionary mass base through consolidating organs of political power. It is leading the NPA to greater strengths and victorious tactical offensives. We need workers to be in the forefront of these struggles.”

The basic alliance of workers and peasants should carry out various forms of revolutionary struggle to overthrow the class dictatorship of the bourgeoisie, build a socialist state and engage in continuous socialist revolution in the political, socio-economic and cultural fields.#

Labor Day 2018 | PRESS RELEASE
Reference: Andres Agtalon, Spokesperson, PKM-NDFP

Communist Party of the Philippines

Break The Chains of Exploitaition

Manggagawang Pilipino, Magkaisa at Buklurin ang Buong Bayan!

Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas
Mayo 1, 2018

Kasama ng uring manggagawang Pilipino, at ng masang proletaryo sa buong daigdig, ipinagdiriwang ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) ang Pandaigdigang Araw ng Paggawa. Bigyang-pugay natin ang mga bayani at martir ng kilusang manggagawa. Gawin nating inspirasyon ang kanilang buhay ng walang pag-iimbot na paglilingkod sa bayan.

Ginugunita natin ang Mayo Uno ngayong taon na malaki ang tungkuling buklurin ang pinakamalawak na bilang ng mga manggagawa para isulong ang mga pakikibakang pangkabuhayan at labanan ang anti-manggagawa at anti-mamamayang pasistang rehimeng US-Duterte.

Dagdag na makabuluhan ang paggunita sa Mayo Uno ngayong taon dahil ipagdiriwang din natin sa ilang araw sa Mayo 5, ang ika-200 taon ng araw ng kapanganakan ni Karl Marx, pinakadakilang gurong komunista. Si Marx ang unang nakapaglahad ng ideolohiya ng proletaryo. Sa mahigit nang isa’t kalahating siglo, ginabayan ng Marxismo ang mga manggagawa sa kanilang mga pakikibaka sa ekonomya at pagsusulong ng rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka para wakasan ang sistema ng pang-aaliping sahuran. Umunlad ang Marxismo sa Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo sa tatlong yugtong dinaanan na epikong tunggalian ng kapitalismo at proletaryong rebolusyon.

Balik-tanawin natin ang makasaysayang mga pakikibaka para sa walong-oras na paggawa, makatarungang sahod, karapatan sa pag-uunyon, pagwewelga at iba pang karapatan ng mga manggagawa sa buong mundo. Higit sa lahat, gunitain natin ang ika-100 taong anibersaryo ng tagumpay ng Dakilang Proletaryong Rebolusyong Oktubre sa Russia na nagtatag ng diktadura ng proletaryo at nagbukas ng pitong dekadang matatagumpay na sosyalistang rebolusyon at konstruksyon sa sangkatlo ng buong daigdig.

Subalit nagapi ng burgesya ang proletaryo at naipanumbalik ang kapitalismo sa Russia, China at iba pang bansa. Napaatras ang sosyalistang rebolusyon sa buong mundo. Gayunman, ang mga nagawa nito sa pagpawi sa pagsasamantala at mabilis na pag-angat ng antas ng lipunan ay nananatiling inspirasyon sa mga manggagawa at masang anakpawis para magsikhay sa rebolusyonaryong landas. Ang patuloy na paglubha ng iba’t ibang anyo ng kapitalistang pagsasamantala sa ilalim ng mga patakarang neoliberal ay nagpapasidhi ng kanilang pagnanais na iluwal ang panibagong pagdaluyong ng bagong demokratiko at sosyalistang rebolusyon sa buong daigdig.

Sa Pilipinas, pinapasan ng masang manggagawa ang bigat ng palagiang krisis ng malakolonyal at malapyudal na sistema. Mabilis na lumalala ang kanilang kalagayan sa ilalim ng ni Duterte. Pambubuladas ang ipinagmalaki niyang siya’y “sosyalista.” Ang totoo, siya’y anti-manggagawa at maka-kapitalista. Pinako ang mababang sahod ng mga manggagawa para akitin ang dayong mamumuhunan. Ang nakatakdang minimum sa NCR (₱512 kada araw) ay wala pa sa kalahati ng kailangan (₱1,171 kada araw) para disenteng mabuhay ang laking-anim na pamilya. Lumalala pa ang krisis ng disempleyo matapos mahigit 630,000 trabaho ang minasaker noong nagdaang taon. Araw-araw, libu-libo ang napupwersang mangibang-bayan. Pabor siyang pahabain ang araw ng paggawa sa pamamagitan ng four-day workweek. Binabalewala ang kagalingan at kaligtasan sa pagawaan. Ginagamit ang pulis at mga sundalo upang supilin ang karapatan sa pag-uunyon at pagwelga.

Sa ilalim ni Duterte, walang ibang mapagpipilian ang mga manggagawa kundi ang bagtasin ang landas ng militanteng pakikibaka. Itayong muli ang libu-libong unyon. Puspusang isulong ang demokratikong mga pakikibaka. Ibangon at malakihang isulong ang militanteng kilusang manggagawa. Pasiklabin ang mga pakikibakang manggagawa sa libu-libong mga pagawaan at iba pang empresa.

Buuin ang pinakamalapad na pagkakaisa ng masang manggagawang Pilipino laban sa rehimeng US-Duterte para labanan ang anti-manggagawang mga patakaran at programa nito. Kaalinsabay nito, pamunuan ang pagbubuklod sa sambayanang Pilipino para ihiwalay, labanan at ibagsak ang rehimeng US-Duterte—ang numero unong kaaway ng buong bayan.

Buuin ang pinakamalapad na pagkakaisa ng masang manggagawa laban sa tiraniya at terorismo ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Makipagkaisa sa masang magsasaka sa kanayunan, sa kanilang mga pakikibakang antipyudal at sa paglaban nila sa pasistang atake laban sa kanilang mga komunidad. Ilantad sa kalunsuran at mga sentrong bayan ang pambobomba, pananakop, tortyur, pagdakip at pagkulong, pagnanakaw at iba pang pandarahas ng Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) sa ilalim ng Oplan Kapayapaan.

Sumapi sa Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas! Ang partido komunista ang ating partidong pampulitika. Binubuklod ito ng Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo, ang ideolohiya ng proletaryo. Ito ang konsentrasyon ng maka-uring interes ng mga manggagawa. Itinuturo nito ang landas ng paglaban upang ibagsak ang paghahari ng mga mapagsamantala at mapang-aping uri at itatag ang kapangyarihang pampulitika ng proletaryo.

Mga manggagawa, magsandata at maging mga Pulang kumander at mandirigma ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan! Itinatag ng Partido ang hukbong bayan para isulong ang armadong pakikibaka at durugin ang mga armadong galamay ng naghaharing estado. Isinusulong ang matagalang digmang bayan para mag-ipon ng lakas sa kanayunan at palibutan ang kalunsuran hanggang kaya na nitong ibagsak ang mga reaksyunaryong uri at itatag ang demokratikong kapangyarihan ng bayan sa buong bansa.

Limampung taon nang sumusulong ang demokratikong rebolusyong bayan sa Pilipinas. Ang mga pagsulong na ito sa nakaraan ang nagbibigay sa mamamayang Pilipino ng pag-asa na makamit ang ganap na tagumpay sa hinaharap para itatag ang isang malaya at maunlad na kinabukasan.

Mabuhay ang mga manggagawang Pilipino!
Gunitain ang ika-200 taong anibersaryo ng kapanganakan ni Karl Marx!
Yakapin at palaganapin ang Marxismo-Leninismo-Maoismo!
Ibagsak ang rehimeng US-Duterte!
Isulong ang demokratikong rebolusyong bayan!
Mabuhay ang Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas!

Monique Wilson

Judy Taguiwalo

Photos by Efren Ricalde

Migrante International

Photos by Katrina Yamzon

Tambisan Sa Sining

Paul Galutera

Photos by Efren Ricalde

2018 - International Workers' Day

KMU and Nagkaisa Labor Coalition

LIVE! Drone shot 1.
International Labor Day 2018
KMU and Nagkaisa Labor Coalition
Welcome Rotunda to Mendiola, Manila
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Workers of the world unite; you have nothing to lose but your chains – Karl Marx

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