Free Rey Casambre

CIDG-Crame, Quezon City
March 7, 2019

It’s been 3 long months. As we had anticipated at the outset, the wheels of justice will grind slowly, and we do not expect a prompt resolution of our cases.

As most of you know, both Bacoor and Lupon cases are still in the preliminary investigation or pre-trial stage. The best case scenario is that both are dismissed before they reach the trial stage. As things stand, this will still take up to three months. The good news is that prospects for both Bacoor and Lupon are brighter, or at the least less bleak and uncertain, as they were three months ago.

We owe this first of all to our team of defense counsels, mostly women, and a host of lawyers and lawyers’ organizatioins helping, collaborating, giving legal support in various ways. Just as crucial is the broad and strong support from relatives, friends, former classmates, peace advocates, human rights defenders, etc. who in one way or another actively and consciously are joining us in our quest for justice.

Our lawyers are the first to remind us that our cases just as those of others who are fighting for justice in the courts cannot be won through legal arguments and processes alone, since the context of our cases is not primarily legal/judicial but political.

At this point, let me add my observation that the broad and strong support we have now for our struggle for for justice visibly and considerably consists of women. Proof of this is in the many photos of activities calling specifically for our release and freedom, but also for the release of all political prisoners, for upholding human rights and for resuming and sustaining the peace negotiations between the GRP and the NDFP.

A third major positive development lies in relation to the peace negotiations. Our projection in the Peace Yearender 2018 that the government is bound to find peace talks as a more palatable option to a full-blown military-led counterinsurgency campaign wearing a “whole-of-nation” civilian mask.

Subsequent statements by Sec.Lorenzana and PRRD himself indicates a softening of the GRP’s purely militarist task. As the women’s movement well knows all these show that the liberation and upholding of rights of individuals and sectors can only be achieved with the liberation of the whole people. #


Photos by XCB In front of the NCCP EDSA March 7, 2019

Women for peace call out: Free Rey Casambre! Drop trumped up charges!
Date: March 7, Thursday, 1130am
Venue: National Council of Churches of the Philippines Grounds
Quezon Ave cor EDSA

On the eve of March 8, lay and religious women form a human chain in a symbolic demand to drop unjust charges against detained peace advocate Rey Casambre and wife Cora, and for the former’s release.

It has been three months since the Duterte administration through Crime Detection and Investigation Group NCR operatives forcibly arrested the elderly couple after planting a gun, grenade and detonating cord in their vehicle.

Cora was released “for further investigation” as the prosecutor found the evidence against them to be “preposterous”, but the case is yet to be decided.

Rey also remains in prison for additionally fabricated charges of murder and attempted murder.

Rey and Cora work with the Philippine Peace Center. Headed by Rey, the PPC provides various forms of assistance to the peace process. A former physics teacher, Rey is known both in the Philippines and abroad as a peace mobilizer, teaching and dialoguing in communities, churches, offices and universities, with peoples sectors, peace and social activists, bishops, diplomats and government officials, among others, in the goal of attaining a just and lasting peace.