Court Hearing of Case of
Peace Advocates Rey and Cora Casambre

Bacoor City Hall of Justice
January 30, 2019

Detainee Rey Casambre was not brought to the hearing by the CIDG.

After the hearing, a prayer action was conducted by nuns and church workers of the Pilgrim for Peace at the Church premises (side facing the path to the Hall of Justice) for the freedom of and dropping of unjust charges against Rey, and as prayer tribute for Randy.

Peace advocates call for Rey Casambre’s release citing “preposterous allegations” against him. Denouncing what they said was a shocking and despicable abuse of police power, the legal counsels, family, and supporters of political prisoner peace advocate Rey Claro Casambre today attended the latter’s court hearing in Bacoor and demanded his immediate release.

Xandra Casambre, daughter, said that the charge of illegal possession of firearms and explosive versus against her father should be dropped altogether. She said that the evidence presented by the arresting operatives of the CIDG have already been described as preposterous by the presiding judge last December. As per the comment of the judge, there is no way that the evidence nor the operatives’ story about how and why Casambre and his wife Cora were apprehended can be beefed up to establish probable cause in a way that is not as tall or fabricated.

Bacoor City Prosecutor Johnny Umpong earlier in December 11 laid down a release order for the Casambres, saying that the CIDG should immediately release the latter as the details of their arrest and the reasons for the same as explained by the arresting officers comprised of “preposterous allegations.”

“At their ages of 67 and 72 respectively , my parents Rey and Cora have only been living ordinary lives as a gentle, elderly couple, with their activities revolving around family and their peace-based-on-justice advocacy. Their forcible arrest because of this ludicrous case brought against them, caused trauma, and Tatay’s continued incarceration inflicts a wound of injustice that only deepens within each of who love them,” Xandra said. “It’s a shame to have a government that damages people’s lives deliberately just so it can remain in the good graces of sections of the already pampered police and military,” she added.

Human rights groups and peace advocates all over the country and overseas have denounced the Duterte administration for Casambre’s arrest and continued detention, saying that it was further proof that the government has completely rid itself of all intent to foster peace in the Philippines.

“The continuing spate of arrests of human rights advocates, leaders of people’s organizations, and the outright killing of mass activists civilians show how the Duterte government has abandoned the agenda of peace. The progressive ranks of the Filipino people must build a strong front of unity to resist the attacks and defend civil liberties and democratic rights of the people,” they said.