Free All Political Prisoners

Myles Albasin



Myles Albasin graduated in the University of the Philippines Cebu (Batch 2017) with a degree in BA Mass Communication.

In her first year in the university, she learned about the commercialized character of education especially in UP Cebu, a supposed to be state-funded university. She joined Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante, a political mass organization in UP Cebu, because she believed that the nationalist and democratic principles of the organization would further the interest of the students for a nationalist, scientific, and mass-oriented education. Even as a freshman, she did not limit her involvement to issues confronting the youth. In fact, she actively campaigned for the abolition of pork barrel during her freshman year in the university. She was later on elected as Secretary General of Nagkahiusang Kusog sa Estudyante.

Seeing her potential as a student leader, she took on the challenge to run as one of the representative in the Student Council. Though she did not win a seat, this did not dampen her spirit to serve. Seeing the need for a comprehensive youth organization in UP Cebu, she spearheaded the reestablishment of the local chapter of Anakbayan and served as the chairperson of Anakbayan UP Cebu for two years until she graduated.

She did not limit her education inside the four walls of the classroom. She actively joined discussions and study groups which educated her on the political situation and problems faced by the country. Her heart has always been for the exploited and oppressed masses. This is evident in her fearless decision to integrate with the basic masses. Together with other youth and student leaders, she regularly integrated herself with the masses – farmers, fisherfolks, workers, urban poor, jeepney drivers, Lumads of Mindanao, and other exploited and oppressed sectors of society. She is tireless in propaganda work as she shares her talent of making online and offline propaganda materials.

She initially planned to proceed to study Law after graduation, but she chose to dedicate all of her time to serve the people. She continues to arouse, organize, and mobilize the broadest number of people to join the collective action in pushing the interest of the Filipino people – genuine agrarian reform for the farmers, job security and living wage for the workers, free and accessible education among others. Only in addressing these issues can the society obtain just and lasting peace.

Reference: Anakbayan Cebu