Defend Our Sovereign Rights

2019 April 9, Araw ng Kagitingin, China Embassy, Makati

Defend Our Sovereignty

Araw Ng Kagitingan


Today, April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan, we recall the sacrifices and heroism of Flipinos who fought foreign invaders in the Fall of Bataan. We reaffirm the need to defend Philippine sovereignty, sovereign rights and territorial integrity against any and all foreign occupation and intervention.

The Pilipinong Nagkakaisa para sa Soberanya (P1NAS) denounces in the strongest terms China’s unceasing efforts to undermine our legal victory in the West Philippine Sea as it continues to claim the entire area as its own. We oppose China’s illegal reclamation activities and militarization of the area. We condemn its blockades denying our fisherman access to our exclusive economic zone. We assail its illegal presence in the area surrounding Pag-Asa Island.

We likewise oppose the onerous China loans which we believe are being laid down to further weaken our position in the West Philippine Sea. The loans being dangled by China have made the Duterte government take a defeatist stand in the issue of the West Philippine Sea. The onerous loans also place the Philippines at a great disadvantage as its national patrimony become loan collateral. In due time, with the Chico project and Kaliwa Dam as templates, China will place us in a debt trap where our sovereign rights become payment.

P1NAS believes that it is necessary to continuously assert our claims and protest the actions of China. Failure to do so would mean acceptance and default. We cannot and we will not. Let today be another strong message to China that the Filipino people will not accept in silence foreign intervention in the West Philippine Sea. Let today be another strong warning to the Duterte regime, that its policy of bowing to China will be its undoing.

To the courageous Filipinos who continue to assert what we have won, and what historically belongs to the Philippines, we cry “Atin ang Pinas, China layas!” ###

Tanggol Kasaysayan

Tanggol Kasaysayan & ACT for Sovereignty
Press Statement
09 April 2019

Tanggol Kasaysayan and ACT for Sovereignty join the Filipino people in commemorating the valor of Filipino martyrs this April 9 who fought to defend the sovereignty of our country. This is in honor and recognition of our people’s deep-rooted history of fighting for freedom and for the promotion of people’s welfare. On this day, we remember the suffering and sacrifice of patriotic Filipinos who struggled to frustrate foreign attempts to steal and colonize our territories.

As we commemorate the Philippine Day of Valor, we recognize that we are still confronted with threats and challenges to our sovereignty. We remain to be bound to unequal military pacts with the United States of America through the Mutual Defense Treaty, Visiting Forces Agreement, and Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement, which are skewed in favor of foreign interests and leave our country susceptible to attacks from countries antagonistic towards the US government. Meanwhile, China is relentless in its aggressive take over of islands within our shores in the West Philippine Sea as it continues to assert the unrecognized 9-dash line and as China makes itself known as a new global superpower. Through the establishment of artificial islands, China utilizes our sands and the soils from our mountains to create a network of defense for the expansion of its naval bases.

China further chains the Philippines through the funding of various projects in the Philippines. Using the classic template for a skewed contract in favor of China which it has used in other economically struggling countries, the Philippines has pawned off its natural resources and rights to govern critical infrastructures in the country in exchange for huge business loans. Ridiculously high interest rates, shorter lengths of repayment plans, exclusively granting project contracts to Chinese corporations who employ only Chinese workers—these are just some of the unfair provisions in the loan contracts that the Duterte regime blindly agreed to in the interest of ‘Build, Build, Build’. Several projects are t be funded by these onerous loans, which include the Chico River Dam project, the construction of Kaliwa Dam, and the reclamation of parts of Manila Bay. Should we fail to repay these debts, China reserves the right to claim our natural resources and to control important public infrastructures to the detriment of the lives and livelihoods of the nation.

The anomalous relations between the Duterte regime and the Chinese government should be exposed. We must learn the lessons of our history—the People must fight for the country’s independence and sovereignty at the first instance of threat against it.

These lessons can be observed as we commemorate the Philippine Day of Valor. Unfortunately, even these learnings are in danger of being relegated to oblivion as the state neglects its duty to strengthen our historical consciousness. The state has abandoned its role in propagating and cultivating patriotism. Through the continuing K to 12 program, Philippine History has been removed from High School curriculum and, in tertiary education, it has been transformed from learning about events from the past towards varying interpretations of history, which runs the risk of diluting our understanding of our identity as a nation.

It is high time for us to once again assert the valor of the Filipino people. We shall put into practice the lessons of history about our tradition of resistance against foreign domination. It is time to forward the interests of the people as basis for all international relations. Our national sovereignty and the security of future generations shall take primacy over accumulation of profit and other financial gains for the few from entering anomalous contracts. These, however, will only be made possible by a people with vast and deep historical consciousness who can elevate our commemoration of days like these to reliving the lessons of the past in the face of threats against the welfare and future of our nation. These can be guaranteed through the unity of the Filipino people in advancing a society where the interests of the majority trumps those of the few and those of foreign invaders.

Learn from the lessons of history!
Commemorate the valor of the Filipino people against colonizers!
Fight for Philippine freedom and sovereignty!

For more information, you may contact Professor Francis Gealogo at 0917 599 5456. Prof. Gealogo is a former Commissioner of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines. He is a faculty member of the Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University.

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Cordillera Peoples Alliance

From Chico River to the West Philippine Sea, defend our sovereignty over our lands and seas!
Cordillera Peoples Alliance·Wednesday,
April 10, 2019

In commemoration of April 9 Araw ng Kagitingan (Day of Valor), the Cordillera Peoples Alliance (CPA) joins the whole Filipino nation in defending our national sovereignty over the West Philippine Sea, opposing debt traps that threaten our national patrimony such as through the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project loan agreement, and exposing Duterte’s callous subservience to Chinese powers.

Today’s mobilization in Baguio City and various cities in the country is a statement of the Filipino people’s strong condemnation of the Duterte regime’s shameless kowtowing to China’s hegemonic quest over the Philippines, its incursion of the West Philippine sea, and its interests on the ancestral lands and resources of indigenous peoples.

The Chico River Pump Irrigation Project which was supposed to benefit our farmers is clearly a debt-trap that will endanger our country’s patrimonial assets. The onerous agreement that was signed by the governments of the Philippines and China last year violates the Constitution by giving full control of vital infrastructure projects to foreign powers while creating insurmountable debts that will be paid for by poor Filipinos decades.

Further, the Chico River Pump Irrigation Project violated the indigenous peoples’ right to Free, Prior and Informed Consent (FPIC), which was not completed before the loan agreement was signed and the project construction commenced. CPA maintains that the project is not feasible in the long run under the current development plan in Kalinga province, whereby a series of proposed dam projects upstream of the Chico river, mining applications and a proposed geothermal project will render the project useless.

Today, we reiterate our demand for the Duterte regime to:
1. Immediately suspend/stop the anomalous Chico River Pump Irrigation Project and scrap the P3.6 billion onerous loan agreement;
2. Respect our collective rights as Indigenous Peoples to our ancestral domain, “Free Prior and Informed Consent” and self-determination;
3. Hold accountable those who signed and brokered the loan agreement;
4. Resist China’s imperialist aggression and plunder in the Cordillera, West Philippine Sea and entire country!

As we commemorate the “Araw ng Kagitingan/Day of Valor”, we amplify our voices and demand “ATINangPINAS” and “ChinaLayas”. We shall carry on the legacy of our brave ancestors and revolutionary heroes who offered their lives to fight the invaders and protect our nation.

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