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Fight for Democracy

Movement Against Tyranny

Supreme Court Must Redeem Itself by Reversing Despicable Quo Warranto Ruling

May 12, 2018

Given the widespread, vehement objection to the ouster of Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno yesterday, the Supreme Court should realize its mistake and immediately take steps to reverse its despicable ruling on the quo warranto case filed against their colleague.

The following are the most odious aspects of the SC ruling:
1. It gave due course to a petition that was prohibited under the one-year ban on quo warranto cases;
2. It violated the Constitutional provision on impeachment as the means to remove members of the High Court;
3. It effectively deprived the Senate of its Constitutional mandate to try Sereno for alleged impeachable offenses, including those cited in the quo warranto case;
4. It strikes a big blow to judicial independence, the separation of powers and system of checks and balances among the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches of government;
5. It makes all sitting justices and judges of the Courts constantly vulnerable to threats and political pressure from the Executive;
6. Six of the eight justices who voted against Sereno had shown manifest bias against her but refused to inhibit themselves from the case.
The justices of the Supreme Court should repair this self-inflicted attack on the institution. They should act now to prevent the rise of a strongman who has shown utter disregard for democratic governance, human rights, the rule of law and plain decency.
If it wants to, it is not too late for the Supreme Court to save itself.#

Anakpawis Partylist

CJ Sereno Ousting A Dangerous Precedent

May 11, 2018
Progressive solon belonging to the Makabayan bloc today said that ousting of CJ Sereno via a Quo Warranto case is sealing the fate of the remaining Supreme Court Justice to the powers-that-be.
Anakpawis party-list Representative Ariel Casilao in a statement said that ousting of CJ Sereno, the integrity of the court would be seriously in question. Those justices who think that they can oust Sereno through quo waranto and still maintain thereafter their integrity and independence from the other branches of government are grievously wrong.
The lawmaker added that decision of the Supreme Court En Banc to oust Sereno will produce a deep crack; they themselves destabilized the Supreme Court. It’s a self-destructing act. Casilao said that the ouster of the chief justice is not the clamor from the people.
It’s the ploy of the elite to further entrench its influence over the Supreme Court. These elite forces have no qualms overstepping the process to get what they want. “Apparently the quo warranto in this case was reduced to a coercive machinery of the state to intimidate, harass and force the Supreme Court justices to do its whims”, Casilao concluded ###
Reference: Anakpawis Party-list Representative Ariel B. Casilao

Bayan National

On The Supreme Court Removal of the Chief Justice

May 11, 2018
Another nail was driven in the coffin of democracy today. The granting of the quo warranto petition to remove the Chief Justice signals another serious regression in the system of checks and balance in the country.
It is another act of tyranny that only empowers the Executive, while further undermining whatever is left of the separation of powers of the three co-equal branches of government.
Constitutional safeguards have been demolished in favor of those who already wield tremendous power.
The people reject in the strongest terms this unjust decision of the High Court. What was really on trial here were all three branches of government.
The Executive maneuvered to remove the Chief Justice and consolidate its control over all the branches.
The Legislative embarked on a fishing expedition via impeachment hearings to destroy the reputation of the Chief Justice.
The Supreme Court exposed itself as a willing tool in undermining judicial independence because they had an ax to grind against the Chief Justice.
All three branches of government have failed the people. All three branches have only exposed the rottenness of the current ruling system. There will be a time for accountability.
Right now, the people are justified in their indignation.
The people are right to protest the rising tyranny of the Duterte regime.
In these dark times, the people are called on to stand together and resist.

Makibaka, huwag matakot! Tuloy ang laban! ###
Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) | (New Patriotic Alliance)
Public Information Desk
#1 Maaralin St., Bgy. Central, Quezon City, 1100 Metro Manila, Philippines
Mobile: +63 998-869-7306
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Padre Faura Has Fallen

May 11, 2018
NUPL calls SC Majority Decision vs Chief Justice the red carpet for dictatorial rule. The National Union of Peoples’ Lawyers (NUPL) called the Supreme Court decision granting the dubious Quo Warranto petition against Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno as deplorable, contemptuous and a contortion of the Constitution.
It is abhorring to see the Supreme Court majority surrender its independence to the political pressure of a co-equal branch of government. The Decision granting the Quo Warranto petition does not affect the Chief Justice alone. It primarily affects the entire nation as the Supreme Court literally sprawled the red carpet for dictatorial rule.
The present dispensation has practically crippled all the democratic institutions that supposedly ensure checks and balances within the government. The Decision is dishonorable .
Where art thou the other paragons of fairness and symbols of justice? Is law being majestic an obvious fiction? Do we all have to go back to law school and relearn or unlearn what we studied? Is there honor of being in the same level and constitution as the charlatans and clowns who mock and distort basic rules of reason by dressing up partisanship with pretentious erudition?
As members of the bar, we are duty bound, under oath, to be dispensers of justice and to protect our freedom and dignity as a nation and as a people. The gods of Padre Faura literally and stubbornly refused this duty. Instead of a chance at principled redemption, the majority has generously given its brethren, their peers, the entire legal profession and the public at large reason to deny respect and dismiss any belief in the system.
The NUPL calls on all members of the bench and the bar nationwide to step-up the protests against the breakdown of the so-called rule of law and the erosion of judicial independence in all legitimate forms and fora possible.
Today is yet again not another good day to be a lawyer. But we will fight and hold fast. The people we serve deserve no less. #

Edre U. Olalia
NUPL President +639175113373

Ephraim B. Cortez
NUPL Secretary General ‭+649175465798‬


People Poised To Reject Sereno’s Ouster Via Qu Warranto

Movement Against Tyranny
May 9, 2018
The Movement Against Tyranny warns the justices of the Supreme Court that a favorable ruling on the quo warranto petition against Chief Justice Lourdes Sereno will be outrightly rejected by the people.
The people understand that the issue goes beyond Sereno’s supposed failure to file some of her SALNs when she was still a UP professor.
To cite this as proof of her supposed lack of proven integrity, therefore making her ineligible to her post, is certainly absurd; a ridiculous attempt to justify a desperate legal shortcut.
In truth, the quo warranto petition is a ploy to skirt the impeachment process which is the proper and only way to remove a sitting justice of the High Court.
But apparently, the justices of the Court don’t mind. In fact, they are colluding with Duterte in trampling the Constitution, undermining judicial independence, disregarding the separation of powers in government, violating the basic tenets of decency and fair play, and bringing us one step closer to a dictatorship.
This is simply unacceptable.
The Supreme Court is supposed to uphold our most cherished democratic and libertarian values. The moment it allows itself to become an instrument of tyranny and oppression is the moment it becomes the people’s enemy.
Thus we call on our fellow Filipinos to come out on May 11 and join the protest at the Supreme Court. Together, let us fight tyranny and intensify our struggle for genuine freedom and democracy.#