March 20, 2018

On behalf of Arkibong Bayan which celebrates its birthday today, we thank you all for the warm greetings! The Arkibong Bayan website is now mainly an archival website of photos and documents on the continuing struggle of the people on various fronts. Those pertaining to current events are posted in the Arkibong Bayan Facebook page.

Notes on Arkibong Bayan

Arkibong Bayan is an archival website on people’s organizations, issues and struggles. AkB’s history parallels the development of the internet in the Philippines. It started sending scanned photos, text and audio files through email to select recipients as early as 1993. As its audience increased middle of that decade, it created a website using notepad and html codes. The url was then sent to its clients but must be taken down after just days because of bandwidth limitations.

In 1996 the unnamed website was finally named ArchiVytes hosted by Geocities that had more than five megabytes of storage space. ArchiVytes focused on general political news and events by progressive groups in the Philippines. Still, the site regularly crashed because it could not handle the number of people visiting. It predated the oldest online portals of the biggest dominant media companies in the country.

ArchiVytes was made public in 2000 and was renamed Arkibong Bayan. It owned the first digicam among alternative media groups that was often borrowed in coverages. It remains to be a major new and data source on people’s organizations, struggles and events.#