NDFP Renders Highest Honors to Comrade Alfredo “Ka Bendoy” Merilos

An outstanding revolutionary cadre who served the Filipino people with boundless warmheartedness, Comrade Alfredo “Ka Bendoy” Merilos advanced the Philippine revolution since the time of the Marcos dictatorship until the Duterte regime’s troops murdered him a few days ago.

A graduate of Mechanical Engineering, he passed the Board Exams. Lucratic job opportunities did not entice him. He decided to work as a fulltime organizer in schools and communities. After a few years, he decided to toil and build among the masses in the countryside as a Red fighter.

He became a valuable party cadre in the Regional Instruction Bureau, using his talents for ensuring the political development of Red fighters and commanders. His humor helped make the regional party publication, Silyab, acquire an effective and youthful character.

Through the years, his cadre quality saw him rise to higher responsibilities, until he was elected a regular member of the Regional Party Executive Committee. He attended the Second Party National Congress in 2016 and was elected a regular member of the Central Committee.

His extensive experience in party building, troop leadership and immersing himself with the basic masses enabled him to understand their needs and deepest aspirations. This made him a veritable fountain of practical guide for the next generation of party cadres.

We render the highest honors to Comrade Alfredo “Ka Bendoy” Merilos!

We extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and kin, his comrades and the masses whose hearts he touched. We grieve his untimely martyrdom, but we turn our grief into revolutionary courage.

We strongly condemn the Duterte regime and its fascist troopers for the murder of Comrade Bendoy and their many crimes against the people!

Long live the inspiration and revolutionary legacy of Comrade Alfredo “Ka Bendoy” Merilos!

Long live People’s Democratic Revolution!

Luis G. Jalandoni
Member, National Executive Committee
National Democratic Front of the Philippines