“Old Issues Are The New News?”

While searching for some data on an issue I came across this article in Bulatlat with a photo of Da Apo #1 and me at the Chino Roces monument at Mendiola Bridge during a protest rally. This is I think the only photo in Mendiola that da lolo and da apo are in the same frame. Elian was about 3 or 4 then in 2012, and trying to read the text.

The article reminded me again of the phrase.”Old issues are the new news?”,an invention of the author Janess Ann Jaucian Ellao.

The article is actually about Lito Ocampo and me as photographers, link appended: Quoting:
During the 40th anniversary of the declaration of martial law, both Ocampo and Ramirez took photographs of the protest action. Through their lenses, they see things in-depth.

While Ocampo now takes photos mainly for the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility, a media watchdog, he said he was able to see how things basically remained the same during the imposition of martial law and now that democracy has supposedly been restored.

“There are variations. Sometimes, it would seem that things were getting better and then, it would only get worse,” he said. But he said it was “under GMA,” referring to former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, that “was the worst if you compare it to other regimes.”

Ocampo added there are still presidential decrees issued during martial law that remain in force up to now.

When asked if there are new issues that they did not have during martial law, Ramirez said it is mining. “During our time, whenever we have protests about the environment, it is mostly about deforestration.”

But on everything else, “The issues remain the same. We have the same calls then as the youth of today,” Ramirez said. “Only the details of these same issues have changed
Lito and I now work with the AlterMidya Network.

Janess Ann Jaucian Eliao
September 26, 2012