2019 – International Women’s Day

March 3, 2019
Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila

Kampon Ng Kadiliman

2019 - International Working Women's Day


Women’s Day Banner Call

Unite and Fight Filipino Women’s No.1 Enemy – US-Duterte Regime

Ka Teresa | Spokesperson | MAKIBAKA-Southern Mindanao
Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan
March 08, 2019

On this historic day of women’s collective actions becoming a worldwide force to be reckoned with, Filipino revolutionary women under the banner of Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan (MAKIBAKA) continue the fierce tradition of strong women resisting and fighting along the line and program of the national democratic revolution against the semi-colonial and semi-feudal system.

As we celebrate the International Women’s Day, we recognize and vow to overthrow the primary enemy of Filipino women and the entire Filipino people today: the US-Duterte regime. At the helm of this regime is Rodrigo Duterte, who is misogyny personified. He is a chauvinist who claims to cherish the memory of his late activist mother but reduces our worth to our sexual organs and orders his rabid dogs in the AFP to mutilate women who dare defy his tyranny and dictatorship. He is a barefaced liar who has long taken credit for the hardwork of activist women in Davao City in realizing pro-women programs and legislations in order to deodorize the stench of his deeply-entrenched sexism. Duterte is a rabid patriarchal tyrant who preys on hapless poor women and children with his disastrous policies and persecutes activist women and vocal women figures from the opposition and the media.

Protected by his equally macho fascist military generals and avaricious cronies from the ruling bourgeois-comprador, landlords and his imperialist masters, he basks in utter impunity, perpetuating abuses against Filipino women and their children while pillaging and destroying their homes and livelihood. The US-Duterte regime exacerbates the inherently miserable state of women in the country.

In the rural areas, already deprived of land to till, peasant women will suffer greatly as a result of Duterte’s enactment into law of the rice tariffication measure which will flood the country with initially cheap imported rice. With rice cartels controlling supply and price of rice in the country and the criminal neglect that the reactionary government has long perpetrated against peasants, rice farmers, women comprising almost half of them, fear the loss not only of their incomes but their land as well. Lumad mothers, especially in Mindanao, grieve as their Lumad schools, which they painstakingly built themselves amid long decades of government neglect, are being systematically closed down by AFP troops and their paramilitary forces Bagani and Alamara.

The AFP’s heightened militarization and the attendant fascism under martial law and Oplan Kapayapaan force Lumad and peasant women, along with their families, to flee their communities and livelihood. While women and their families are being driven away, the corrupt Duterte regime affectionately welcomes large foreign plantations and mining companies that rape and exploit the peasants and Lumad’s resources and ancestral land. In the towns and cities, the torment endured by mothers and wives of the thousands of victims of Duterte’s genocide against poor people, activists, mass movement leaders, peace advocates, the religious and even hapless children via Oplan Kapayapaan, his martial law and Oplan Tokhang are being aggravated by the fascist regime’s impunity.

The sentence of death has already been meted against the urban poor who find no work because of absent national industrialization, while Chinese workers are being given work and allowed to stay in the country. Those who do find employment are beset with depressed wages that barely sustain decent family living and permanent contractualization. In the midst of all these, more and more women are forced to find work abroad, an alarming number of whom fall prey to human trafficking, sexual harassment or rape.

However, these very forms of oppression—under the auspices of neoliberal policies being implemented through stark fascism—enflame further the hatred of the fighting Filipina and arouse more and more women to rally to the cause of the revolutionary struggle against US imperialism, landlords, bourgeois-compradors and bureaucrat capitalists. Despite the desperate red-tagging of the US-Duterte regime against all forms of dissent in vain attempt to suppress and discredit legitimate demands, coupled with forced surrenders of civilians in the countryside, women in their millions continue to resist in order to realize genuine agrarian reform, higher wages, the end to contractualization and other democratic rights.

More importantly, more and more women are choosing to join the highest form of struggle—advancing the revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the New People’s Army. Women Red fighters, majority of them from the youth sector, are undertaking varied military and political tasks in the NPA. They are military commanders, political officers, intelligence operatives, medical officers, cadres for instruction, propagandists or production planners in various units and formations of the Red army. They are tempered in the people’s protracted war, proving their revolutionary mettle in the face of fierce hardship and sacrifice, especially in Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao. Their increasing number and all-round participation in the revolutionary armed resistance is a big slap on the face of Duterte’s misogyny and macho-fascist rule. While the ruling class is in mayhem with the upcoming midterm elections, Filipino women will reject Duterte’s favored candidates as more and more of them realize the futility and circus that is the reactionary elections.

They understand clearly that only through the national democratic struggle will there be any significant and worthwhile change in the lives of the Filipino people. In the face of intensifying oppression and fascism as in the time of the Marcos dictatorship, Filipino revolutionary women learn the lessons of history and continue to stand by their class interests as workers, peasants, petty-bourgeoisie, urban poor and national minorities in order to end the brutal rule of the US-Duterte regime, attain revolutionary justice for the Filipino people and realize genuine social change though the national democratic revolution.

Women unite, struggle to oust the fascist US-Duterte regime!
Forward the national democratic revolution to greater heights!

Malayang Kilusan ng Bagong Kababaihan – Southern Mindanao

A New People’s Army female combatant carries her child at a camp somewhere in the Sierra Madre in this undated file photograph. March Is National Women’s Month in the Philippines. It is part of the worldwide observance of the International Women’s Day on March 8,2019.
Photo © Claro Cortes IV


Women Teachers March for Pay Hike

On nternational Working Women’s Day
08 March 2019,
ACT Press Statement

Women teachers join all the working women across the globe in the commemoration of the International Women’s Day.

We march with our call for decent salaries at the forefront, this being the most pressing problem of teachers who act as breadwinner to their families while serving as second parents to students as we take upon ourselves the heavy respinsibility of educating the youth for nation-building.

Jobs that are perceived to be extensions of domestic work and are therefore traditionally given to women continue to be poorly compensated and severely undervalued. This is especially true in a feudal-patriarchal society like the Philippines. Some glaring examples are teachers, of whom 80% are women, and clerical workers within the education sector.

Despite the indispensable role of educators in molding the minds of the youth and in national development, they are some of the least paid among professionals in the country. Teachers are often called secondary parents to our children due to their vital role in molding critical minds among the youth. They take on multiple tasks and roles both inside their schools and in their homes with their families.

However, much like mothers, their work in education and contribution in national development is undervalued. In other countries, teachers are some of the highest paid employees in recognition of their significance in society. Here, their pay falls short of the necessary amount for decent living.

In fact, the entire education sector remains in a dismal state as year after year, the government reduces its budget so as to fund its wars against the people. Instead of duly addressing teachers’ legitimate concerns and just demands, the state decided to launch an all-out attack on us and our organization, the Alliance of Concerned Teachers. Educators in previous months have been subjected to vilification, harassment, and terrorist-tagging, as part of the state’s orchestrated effort to stifle dissent and to quell the growing unrest among the people.

These tyrannical measures threaten to undermine democracy. Hence, teachers persistently and resolutely fight for decent salaries, better working conditions, and for free and quality education. We join women from all sectors in calling for an end to the systematic abuse and exploitation of women, as well as to call for social justice.

We are one with women and all other sectors of society in fighting state-instigated attacks on people’s economic and democratic rights.

We ourselves have been victims to politicial persecution by an increasingly fascist Duterte regime, and we, too, shall resist the rising tyrant. ###

For more information, you may contact ACT National Chairperson Joselyn Martinez at 0961 312 8611.
You may also visit our page at here.

Save Our Schools

March 8, 2019
Reference: Rius Valle, SOS Mindanao Spokesperson, 09466578594

Rorelyn Mandacawan, CTCSM student Lumad students and teachers join the celebration of International Working Women’s Day by paying tribute to Lumad women leaders, teachers, and women human rights defenders.

The Save Our Schools Mindanao Network said their participation highlights strong women leaders like Talaingod’s Bai Bibyaon Ligkayan Bigkay and Lianga, Surigao del Sur’s Bai Femia Cullamat, for their defense of their Lumad territories and schools in the past few years.

“We give tribute to women tribal leaders, who fought against plunderers in their ancestral lands, who defend Lumad schools and the right to education of Lumad children,” said Rius Valle, SOS Mindanao spokesperson.

A Lumad student also expressed their purpose in joining the rally is to pursue the end of Martial Law which has led to attacks on schools. “On International Working Women’s Day, we send our message to fight for our right to education and ancestral land despite the intensifying militarization under Martial Law in Mindanao. We will strengthehn our campaign to end Martial Law in Mindanao. We want justice for our Lumad martyrs, we want our teachers released, we want the repression to stop.” Rorelyn Mandacawan, a student of Community Technical College of Southern Mindanao, said.

The SOS also calls for the release of Jolita Tolino, CLANS volunteer teachers in Sockskargen, who was arrested last 2017 and charged with trumped up cases of murder and frustrated murder.

They also call for justice for Lumad women martyrs such as Beverly Geronimo, a PTCA chairperson of MISFI Academy campus in Trento, Agusan del Sur, who was killed by suspected military agents last May 26.

Save Our Schools Network recorded 535 attacks on schools, 8,000 peasant and Lumad were forcibly paraded as NPA surrenders, 111 cases of Trumped-up charges against teachers, parents, and Lumad leaders, 73 schools forcibly shut, 11,500 Lumad displaced, and 10 extrajudicial killings under Martial Law in Mindanao in 2018.

While the group expects these numbers to increase because of the third extension of Martial Law, they said there is a need for the next Congress to stop this implementation.

“We reiterate our call to end Martial Law in Mindanao. The third extension has no basis and will only intensify military operations in our communities. More schools will be forcibly closed and we will be forcibly evacuated from our communities. We call for other organizations, institutions, and individuals to join us in our struggle to strengthen our campaign.” Valle ended.### —–

Save Our Schools Network #90 J. Bugallon St., Barangay Bagumbuhay, Project 4, 1109 Quezon City, Philippines
Telephone: (63-2) 356-42-99 saveourschoolsnetworknatl@gmail.com SOS facebook page SOS twitter


On International Women’s Day, Child Rights Groups Protest, Reiterate Calls Against Anti-Children and Anti-Women Policies
Manila, Philippines

In time for commemoration of the International Working Women’s Day, child-focused groups led by Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns reiteration its opposition to anti-children and anti-women policies of the Duterte government including the proposal to lower the minimum age of criminal responsibility (MACR) and the mandatory ROTC program to senior high school students.

“Contrary to the statement of the President through Secretary Panelo that their objective in lowering the MACR is to protect children from criminal syndicates, the proposed legislation puts children as young as 12 years old into further danger.

The Duterte government, known for its punitive actions is directly targeting children, especially the poor,” said Eule Rico Bonganay, Salinlahi Natonal Secretary-general.

While the Children’s Rehabilitation Center (CRC), one of Salinlahi’s member institutions, slammed the proposed mandatory Reserved Officer Training Corps (ROTCS) program to Senior High School students, saying that it is a clear violation of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. “Senior High School students are forced to be conscripted while they are underage. Moreso, the ROTC program further exposes them to a violent and corrupt culture,” said Frances Bondoc, CRC’s spokesperson.

Bondoc also expressed alarm over the governmen’t neglect on cases of ROTC-related violence, “The congress should first investigate the cases of sexual assaults and other violations like deaths due to hazing under the ROTC program. No person wants the revival of corruption-ridden ROTC and no parent would want their child to undergo traumatic experience from military trainings,” Bondoc added.

The group further stated that further violation of children’s rights is happening under President Duterte’s tyranny. “We have witnessed how brutal this government is to the Filipino people, especially the poor and marginalized. The Duterte government furthers its policy of killing people, including children from its whole package of dismal poverty, neglect of social services up to its fascist attacks waged through the policies like war on drugs, intensified militarization, and now its moves to lower the MACR and imposition of mandatory ROTC.

Truly, the Duterte government is destroying the Filipino children’s future,” explained Bonganay. Salinlahi and its member organizations encouraged the public to remain vigilant and pursue its demand for justice. “Let us not stop calling for justice and demanding our basic rights, including that of children. Let us continue to work together against attempts of Duterte government to criminalize children or use them to plant seeds of a tyrannical rulethat has no regard for human rights. We owe it to our children,” continue Bonganay.

Students from different schools and universities and other child rights advocacy groups joined Salinlahi in a protest march satirically imitating marching cadet officers, showing how blind obedience and violations occur within the ROTC program and how these impact children and youth.

The group participated in a morning protest program in Mendiola and joined tens of thousands of women’s rights advocates led by Gabriela and other sectors in its afternoon programs in Mendiola and Liwasang Bonifacio.###

March 8, 2019
Eule Rico Bonganay, Secretary General, Salinlahi Alliance for Children’ Concerns, 09234071120
Frances Bondoc, Officer-in-Charge, Children’s Rehabilitation Center, 09267195000
Media Liaison: Noy Palay, 09234536160 — Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns
Address: 2F 90 J. Bugallon St., Brgy. Bagumbuhay, Project 4, Quezon City 1109 Philippines Tel: (632) 356 4299
facebook.com/salinlahiphilippines twitter.com/salinlahiphils

Women Martyrs



Jennifer Cariño

Jennifer Cariño hailed from an illustrious Ibaloi clan on her father’s side and another respected Cebu clan on her mother’s side. Her grandfather was Baguio City’s first Igorot mayor.

Jennifer, or Jingjing, as a teenager was fun-loving. She sang and played the guitar. She went partying and idolized the Beatles.

But she also liked to read books and magazines, and attended daily mass in the Catholic church. In high school, she had written an article in her high school organ to protest a remark of then foreign affairs secretary Carlos P. Romulo that dismissed Igorots as not being Filipinos.

She first enrolled in Maryknoll College in Quezon City, but returned home to pursue her physics and math course at the Baguio campus of the University of the Philippines. She sang in folkhouses around the city.

As conditions in Philippine society deteriorated in the late 1960s, Jingjing became involved in student protests against these conditions. She joined the Baguio chapter of the Kabataang Makabayan in 1969, becoming one its first female leading members in that city. She joined discussion groups and led in student actions. She supported market vendors fighting against demolition, and supported laborers striking for better working conditions.

She used her talent for music to good use, training activists in singing protest music, and preparing and staging cultural presentations during rallies. These activities increasingly occupied her. Jingjing dropped out of school and became a fulltime cultural activist.

In 1972, Jingjing married another activist from the Lyceum University in Manila, Gilbert Pimentel, who had been doing organizing work among the gardeners of Benguet. Gilbert was also from the Cordilleras and the couple shared a deep interest in ethnic issues, particularly the minority question. Together they organized a conference of Cordillera youths in 1971, which would be the seed of the future Kilusang Kabataan ng Kordilyera.
When martial law was declared in September 1972, soldiers raided the Cariño house in search of the Cariño siblings who were all engaged in various areas of activist involvement. Jingjing, then seven months pregnant, eluded arrest and left Baguio disguised as a nun. While waiting to give birth, she undertook research tasks, even as she had to move frequently to avoid detection.

Jingjing decided to leave Manila when her husband Gilbert was arrested in March 1974. She made the painful decision to leave her baby with her family. She left for Ifugao and started living among the most impoverished peoples in that territory, the Kalanguya.
A city girl, she had to make huge adjustments. She studied the local language, learned to eat ferns and pine grub. But she refused to become helpless. She learned to use acupuncture, treating her comrades and village people. She even found time to teach reading and writing to some illiterate folks. She wrote propaganda articles and teaching modules.

But she also did what she enjoyed most and did best – she wrote revolutionary songs and taught them to the local people. For this, Ka Maria, which was her alias, became a most beloved comrade in the Kalanguya area.

Writing letters to home, Jingjing tols anecdotes about life in a guerrilla zone, making light of the difficulties, always seeing the bright side to problems, ever convinced that her sacrifices mattered. In these letters, she always asked that her child Malaya be told about what her parents were fighting for.

Jingjing died a tragic death in 1976, killed when a new NPA recruit had been tinkering with a firearm that suddenly went off. She was 26 years old. Jingjing is still remembered with respect and admiration by Baguio’s activists today. Her daughter is now a medical doctor, married with two children. Gilbert Pimentel has remarried and has a new family.

Birth: March 04, 1950
Place of Birth: Baguio City
Death: July 13, 1976
Place of Death: Hungduan, Ifugao
From: Bantayog ng mga Bayani website

Women martyrs

Monique Wilson


Stop the Attacks Against Women and Communities





Lito Ocampo

Bernardito Berni Ramos

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Maria Sol Taule

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