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The Movement Against Tyranny

Tyranny Laid Bare

The Movement Against Tyranny
February 23, 2019

Three years into Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency, Philippine democracy lies in tatters.

The hard fought gains of People Power lie broken as the nation commemorates its 33rd anniversary. Duterte’s foot soldiers have killed thousands in an obscene war that rewards criminals and punishes their victims. The President, confronted with evidence of his mad war’s failure, promises greater bloodshed.

The ranks of perceived enemies has expanded to activists and human rights defenders and critical journalists.

In going after its new targets, the regime has placed the nation under a blanket stained with the rewards of tokhang. Having dealt a mortal blow to the Supreme Court and after hurling threats at anyone in the judiciary standing in its way, the regime has proceeded to mangle the nation’s laws in its rush to institutionalise tyranny. A coopted justice system and a legislature controlled by threats and bribes dance to Duterte’s death march, ripping through constitutional defences for human rights and civil liberties while shoring up systems that perpetuate injustice and political-economic abuses.

The Chief Justice shrugs off the use of lies to justify an indefensible martial law in Mindanao. Congress has sought to save plunderers and rapists from their just due while tightening the ropes around the necks of children. While at this, it has also let loose the pork zombie in aid of elections. The executive branch increasingly looks like a military junta. Colonels and generals now dictate the pace of social services; fantasies in the service of tyranny now trump the needs of poor Filipinos.

The self-proclaimed pro-poor candidate has vetoed a law aimed at righting historical justices for hundreds of thousands of poor farmers.

Conversely, he has signed a law that rewards rice smugglers and speculators and cohorts in government, while trampling on the interests and rights of farmers that put food on our tables.

Governance of the corporate sector is hypocritical. It uses shortcuts against enemies of the government. But it has just tweaked provisions covering campaign contributions to allow for wholesale patronage and cement governance by and for the oligarchy.

Even the victories hailed as progressive come with poison pills. Self-rule in Mindanao will have to work under the shadow of martial law.

The recent spree in the award of agrarian reform parcels mostly uses government lands to evade exacting accountability from friendly landowners who have held on to plantations for decades. Duterte himself has bared the lie of his agrarian reform: give farmers land, starve them, and then allow the desperate to offer back the land to big business.

The government makes a drama of cleaning up polluted coastlines, only to kick out thousands of poor families and allow foreign and local developers to set up vast enclaves. In the process the remaining waters become forbidden to fisherfolk. Setting his sights on the nation’s last frontiers, the tyrant has claimed a king’s powers to dictate who uses land that belongs to our first peoples.

To sweep away resistance, the government has installed military and police supremacy, with a mantra that states anyone believed to be an enemy does not deserve due process. As the highway of abuse and injustice lengthens and widens, the regime aims to cement tyranny by using unaccountable funds to buy the 2019 elections and install a totally slavish Congress.

The main prize lies down the road: charter change that would allow political dynasties to rule forever and allow Duterte to complete what has been his singular goal all along — delivering national patrimony to the grasping hands of foreign patrons. While the regime likes to pretend it enjoys invincibility, holes are slowly ripping at its foundations.

People now say the streets are not safe, contrary to Duterte’s claim. They say hunger has grown, joblessness and underemployment has worsened. The Movement Against Tyranny calls on all committed to justice and democracy to tighten our bonds and work in unity. All tyrants believe in forever. But history, especially People Power, shows that we, the people, eventually triumph. ###

Reference: Sr. Mary John Mananzan, OSB

Kilusang Magbubukid Ng Pilipinas

Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas
February 23, 2019

33 years after EDSA uprising, Filipinos uniting against modern-day tyrant Rodrigo Duterte As Filipinos commemorate the week-long EDSA People Power 1 that toppled the dictator Ferdinand Marcos from power in 1986, basic social sectors are uniting against the Duterte presidency.

“Landlessness and massacre of farmers continue until today. We have recorded 14 incidents of massacre of farmers and indigenous people under President Duterte. Tens of thousands were killed in the anti-drugs war and political killings continue on a daily basis. The economic and social conditions then and now have worsened. Those who were removed from power like the Marcoses, Joseph Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo have made their comeback into the local political scene through the help and patronage of their enabler, Duterte,” says Danilo Ramos, chairperson of Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas.

Ramos noted that KMP was formed in 1985, a few months before the February EDSA uprising. “It was a time of social upheaval. All sectors — middle forces, workers, farmers, students, church people and professionals united against the Marcos dictatorship.

Nationwide mobilizations and actions were took place across the country. People drove in hundreds to the streets to join the protests to uphold democracy. Farmers launched protest caravans from the provinces to major cities and National Capital Region.

The same is still ongoing until today.” “We can always draw lessons from EDSA People Power. History have taught us that the people’s unity and collective action is stronger than any tyrant or dictator. Duterte may have his cabal of generals protecting him but there is no question that millions of Filipinos are now repulsed with his presidency and sectors want him ousted or removed from power,” the KMP leader said.

“Like Marcos, Duterte is drunken with power and he sees himself as invincible and undefeatable. He may wield an iron hand and use the most brutal ways to suppress dissent and opposition but the people’s will shall prevail in the end.” The KMP leader said that Duterte’s string of anti-people policies like the Martial Law in Mindanao, TRAIN Law, Rice Tariffication, land-use conversion, and militarization are accumulating like powder kegs that will soon ignite a massive social unrest. ###

Reference: Danilo Ramos, 0933-4646963

Unyon Ng Mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura

Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura

Calls for Oust Duterte in the Commemoration of the 33nd year of the EDSA Uprising

According to UMA Secretary General John Milton Lozande, “Now, more than ever, EDSA is very much relevant to our times as Duterte mimics his idol, the late dictator Marcos, in perpetuating his reign of terror.

This is in light of more than 27,000 drug-related murders and 182 peasant leaders and organizers killed under Duterte’s watch.” There have been 13 massacres under the US-Duterte Regime. The most recent was the Sagay 9 massacre last October 20, 2018, which until now has not been brought to justice. Instead, the case was used by the Duterte administration to vilify and red-tag the National Federation of Sugarworkers (NFSW) and its members who survived the abhorrent massacre, while the military continues to harass and intimidate them and their family to keep them from seeking justice.

But to whom can the victims of Duterte’s atrocities go when the highest court of the land affirmed the constitutionality of the third extension of Martial Law in Mindanao, while Negros, Bicol Region and Samar remained to be under a “state of emergency” through Memorandum Order 32. This has prompted huge deployment of military and police forces to these areas, specifically in Negros.

On December 27, 2018, in a tokhang-style operation, state forces killed six individuals, some affiliated with KMP and PISTON; served arrest warrants to more than 50 people; and ransacked houses in several barangays in Guihulngan, Negros Oriental.

In reality, the whole country is placed under a de-facto Martial Law as militarization intensifies in the countryside and political repression is pervasive among farmers, workers, urban poor, women, youth, church people, the media and other sectors.

Just like Marcos, Duterte’s autocratic rule ensures that harsher measures to fully open the country’s economy to foreign monopoly and control are railroaded in Congress. This has led to further exploitation of workers and peasants as the US-Duterte is hellbent in maintaining the country in a semi-feudal semi-colonial state.

On February 14, the Rice Tariffication Act was enacted, allowing unlimited rice importation. This will kill local rice producers who receive no subsidy nor support services from the government to compete with the low prices of rice imports that will flood local markets.

Moreover, the government is seeking to liberalize the sugar industry and lift the quota of sugar importation under the guise of increasing its tariff to 30-40%. This is expected to totally eradicate what is left of the country’s sugar industry, displacing about 700,000 sugarworkers and more than 75,000 small planters, pushing more agriworkers into extreme poverty, debt and hunger.

While the government eradicates rice and sugar production for domestic needs, the government pushes for aggressive expansion of agribusiness plantations that grow export crops such as Cavendish banana, pineapples, oil palm, and rubber, among others.

Instead of strengthening its agricultural system which will serve as the foundation of its industrialization, the US-Duterte is fully intent on keeping the country’s economy import-dependent and export-oriented.

Lozande chided Duterte for skipping the commemoration for the third time stating that, “Duterte is afraid of his own shadow. He knows that his crimes will catch up with him and he will not seat in power forever, just like Marcos. Therefore, he desperately clings to it. He wants to ensure that all his endorsed candidates will get majority of the seats in the Senate to finally pass Charter Change, giving him and his cohorts unlimited terms.”

On February 23, UMA will join other sectors in marching along EDSA to call for Duterte’s ouster.

At the same time, it is calling on the people to join the national democratic struggle that would lead to structural changes, including the implementation of genuine agrarian reform and national industrialization.

Gi Estrada
Media Officer (0917-945-0552)
Unyon ng mga Manggagawa sa Agrikultura Federation of Agricultural Workers
web site: www.umapilipinas.wordpress.com
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Karapatan on EDSA People Power’s 33rd anniversary
Dictatorship looms once again

Karapatan National
Monday, February 25, 2019

Today, we are one with the Filipino people in commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the EDSA People Power. Karapatan remembers all the martyrs and victims of the brutal Marcos regime, and hails the unity of the Filipino people in toppling the Marcos dictatorship. This momentous event in our history should never be credited to one family, or to specific persons, but rather to the millions who marched and courageously fought tyranny and dictatorship. The EDSA People Power I reminds us that power emanates from the people and abusive governments will be held to account for their crimes.

Thirty three years later, our fight for justice and accountability continues. Last November 2018, criminal Imelda Marcos was convicted for 7 counts of graft, but she remains free despite the guilty verdict. Her stolen wealth and connections to the Duterte government have kept her from jail, and shielded her from justice. Imee Marcos, the chosen heiress of the deplorable Marcos family, is running for Senate in the 2019 mid-term elections, positioning her strategically for their presidential and vice-presidential ambitions. The money stolen from the country’s coffers is continuously being used to finance their shameless campaign to climb the political ladder, while altogether revising history to erase their atrocious crimes against Filipinos.

We note, however, that the Duterte government has been a very willing accomplice in all this injustice, even perpetrating new forms of violations that rival that of the dictator Marcos. Apart from the rehabilitation of the Marcoses graciously facilitated by Duterte, the President is also his own kind of monster. Many of the basic freedoms and civil and political rights that were fought for by the Filipino people are now being reversed by his government. We are now confronted with an array of intensified violations, new forms of harassment, and a string of repressive laws that curtail our basic rights and freedoms. The Duterte regime has already declared martial law in Mindanao. He has built a supermajority in Congress and has ensured a subservient Supreme Court. Like déjà vu, Duterte’s cliques are turning into cronies favored to handle billions in infrastructure projects. Other corrupt leaders like Gloria Arroyo are back at the helm of controlling the economy and dangling pork barrel to elicit docility. All while the Filipino people remain at the losing end, made to suffer attacks against their civil, political, economic, cultural, and social rights.

This year’s commemoration of EDSA People Power I is at the backdrop of a looming dictatorship, this time at the hands of a militarist and fascist Marcos fanatic. Thus, the people are called to task once again. Karapatan, alongside martial law victims, and the Filipino people, will continue to frustrate the political ambitions of the Marcoses, and demand accountability for the plunder and atrocities they have committed. Likewise, we will continue to resist tyranny and dictatorship in its new and emerging forms.

Elisa Tita Lubi
Karapatan National President, +639173162831
Karapatan Public Information Desk, 0918-9790580

Center for Women’s Resources

Center for Women’s Resources
February 23, 2019

Never Again, Never Forget

The power lies with the people The women of Center for Women’s Resources join the nation in commemorating the 1986 People Power that overthrew the dictatorship of Ferdinand Marcos and in remembering those who fell victims – killed, tortured, abducted, jailed, assaulted, raped – during the dark days of Marcos dictatorship.

Three decades have passed yet the shadows of tyranny continue to haunt us. Despite the charges filed against them, the Marcoses continue to consolidate power, wealth and influence both in local and national governments. Worse, the current administration perpetuates tyrannical rule with nationwide de facto martial law – red-tagging and crackdown of activists, extrajudicial killings, and amassing wealth and power.

The threat continues because the United States-backed security framework remains as the guiding principle of the government in handling peace and security. As long as the government continues to be beholden to the US dictates, tyranny will persist and human rights violations will aggravate.

Such intervention is happening in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, where US president Donald Trump is brazenly urging other western powers to endorse an unknown self-proclaimed president so as to topple the elected government of President Nicolás Maduro. In a totalitarian doublespeak, the western powers disguise their intervention as upholding democracy, their invasion as waging peace. This is how the western powers led by the United States government distort their action against the Venezuelan people. Thus, we are in solidarity with the people of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela who remain steadfast amid the imperialist intervention led by the United States government.

We stand with all the nations that struggle for genuine democracy and we condemn any foreign intervention that threatens their sovereignty. Historically, any western power intervention as well as its support to a tyrannical ruler results to bloody uprisings.

Moreso, history teaches us that only the people have the power to defeat an enormous enemy. We urge the public to never forget the horrors of martial law and to continue to struggle for genuine democracy.

We stand with all the activists -then and now- in demanding for justice and accountability. We likewise urge every patriotic Filipino to denounce any foreign-backed security program that threatens our freedom and sovereignty. The current struggles of the Philippines and the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela against imperialist powers may be triumphed over when people collectively assert their rights and fight for their liberation.###

Center for Women’s Resources
127-B Scout Fuentebella St., Barangay Sacred Heart Quezon City 1103 Philippines
Tel. +632 411-2796 Telefax +632 920-1373
URL: www.cwrweb.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cwr1982/ Twitter: @cwr1982

Reference: Cham Perez or Edz dela Cruz, (02) 920 1373

Student Christian Movement

Student Christian Movement
February 24, 2019

Christian youth group joins EDSA anniversary

A student Christian group joined various sectors in commemorating on Saturday the significance of 1986 EDSA People Power. Student Christian Movement (SCM) of the Philippines said that it is “timely” for Christian youth to be more vocal amidst the nation’s situation. “The Christian youth and their churches have played a significant role in the preparation for the EDSA uprising, and ultimately, in the downfall of a heartless regime,” said SCM Philippines National Spokesperson Kenji Muramatsu.

“Now that there is an anti-Christ dictator-wannabe in Malacañang, it is more than timely for the Christian communities to unite again in the name of justice,” he added.

SCM Philippines also lambasted the recent remarks of the President ordering the “theft and killing” of bishops. “It is indeed convenient for a dictator to command the killing and persecution of his critics, most especially those who seek justice and aspire for peace,” Muramatsu said. “Easy it may be to kill our flesh but our dedicated spirits will make it difficult for him to crush our aspiration and efforts to achieve justice and lasting peace,” he ended. ###

Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns

Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns
23 February 2019

Commemorating the 1986 People Power Uprising at EDSA.

“We are one with different sectors and organizations in commemorating the 39th year of People Power Uprising to end Marcos dictatorship in 1986. 39 years after, state fascism continues to persist in the country in different forms and we are enraged with the attacks to children’s rights and welfare like the lowering of minimum age of criminal responsibility and mandatory ROTC to senior high school students,” Eule Rico Bonganay, Salinlahi Secretary-General stated. Salinlahi reiterated its statement regarding the brutality of the Duterte government to Filipino children.

“The Duterte administration, even without declaring a nationwide martial law, has already committed numerous violations of Filipino people’s rights through implementing its anti-people and anti-poor policies,” Bonganay added.

Last February, there were moves to pass the bill amending Juvenile Justice Law, lowering the minimum age of criminal responsibility and the mandatory ROTC to senior high school in the lower house and senate. Salinlahi trooped to both houses to protest and block the passage of the bills.

“This administration has completely abandoned its responsibility to Filipino children and worse, criminalizes and subject them to a violent and corrupt environment. The Duterte government has gone from neglect to total destruction of Filipino children’s future! The lesson of the EDSA people’s uprising teaches us to rise against tyranny and dictatorship and we are rising because we are enraged by these atrocities,” Bonganay continued.

The group vowed to continue its awareness-raising efforts and to hold protest actions, holding the current administration accountable for its crimes against the Filipino people, especially children.

“We are encouraging the Filipino people to join us in the fight against tyranny. We need to register our discontent and rage, like how we showed it 39 years ago. Like the EDSA People Power Uprising, we have to unite and protest for the sake of our children, our future,” Bonganay concluded.

Salinlahi also invited the public, especially children’s rights advocates and young people to join the protest set on March 8, International Working Women’s Day in Manila City and register their opposition to lowering the MACR and mandatory ROTC to Senior High School students. ###

Eule Rico Bonganay – 09234071120; 3564299

Salinlahi Alliance for Children’s Concerns
Address: 2F 90 J. Bugallon St., Brgy. Bagumbuhay, Project 4, Quezon City 1109 Philippines
Tel: (632) 356 4299
facebook.com/salinlahiphilippines twitter.com/salinlahiphils www.salinlahi.org







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