45th Anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines


NDFP Vows To Fight For National Freedom, Democracy and International Solidarity

As It celebrates 45th Anniversary; Honors International Friends of the Filipino People
24 April 2018
Press Release | 22 April 2018


he National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) vowed to persevere until victory in the fight for the people’s rights and welfare, national freedom and democracy as it celebrated its 45th year anniversary on April 24.

The NDFP International Information Office (NDFPIO) led in the celebrations in Europe as it gathered more than 100 European friends, solidarity activists, Filipino supporters and allies and dozens of organizations, in a joyous celebration under the theme: ¨Build the Broadest United Front to Strengthen the Organs of Political Power and the People´s Democratic Government (PDR), last April 21, 2018 at the Ru Pare Complex in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Opening the cultural program as emcees, Marikit Saturay of Anakbayan-Europe, and Thomas van Beersum of Revolutionary Eenheid (Revolutionary Unity) of the Netherlands echoed the NDFP’s vow to proceed until victory, by welcoming the guests with a militant flag performance by young cultural artists and activists from Belgium and The Netherlands.

After the opening performance the audience applauded vigorously as the photos of the NDFP’s recent martyrs were shown, remarkably young revolutionaries involved in the various work of the revolutionary movement – as New People’s Army guerrillas, peasant and women organizers, Lumad and Moro organizers – most of them young women guerrillas and peasant organizers.

In his speech, Prof. Jose Ma. Sison, NDFP chief political consultant in peace negotiations with the Philippine government, and one of the leading founders of the NDFP when it was formed on April 24, 1973 in Baguio City, related how the NDFP has helped to build the local organs of political power at the barangay, municipal or city, district and provincial levels in 73 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines to constitute the people´s democratic government.

The organs of political power, Sison explained, are the political structures and formations that serve as weapons to defend the people and communities against oppressive landlords, big business plunderers and landgrabbers, and the fascist military.

Sison stated that in the process of building the united front for revolutionary armed struggle, the NDFP has engaged in activities and campaigns to promote and realize full national sovereignty, democracy, social justice, economic development through land reform and national industrialization, cultural progress, peace and harmony among the people and international solidarity.

He said the NDFP has always been open and serious in forging national unity including alliance with the anti-Duterte political opposition to effect regime change if the Duterte regime continues to be adamant in opposing the national and democratic rights of the people.

Professor Sison stressed that the need for peace negotiations has become even more pressing in the face of the worsening economic crisis and imperialist exploitation and plunder of the Philippines, and that the broadest unity is vital to defend national democracy and justice.

Focusing on the achievements of the international solidarity work of the NDFP, Luis Jalandoni, chief international representative of the NDFP and senior adviser to the NDFP peace negotiating panel, related how the NDFP began its international solidarity work abroad and how the Filipino people’s struggle for national freedom and democracy drew immediate international support with the successful convening of the International People’s Tribunal in Belgium in 1980, organized by European friends of the NDFP. The IPT, Jalandoni stressed, declared the US-Marcos regime unfit to govern and the NDFP as the genuine representative of the Filipino people.

Since then, Jalandoni said, the NDFP has forged warm and friendly relations with revolutionary and militant organizations, among them, in East Timor, Mozambique, the African National Congress in South Africa, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) of Arafat, Zimbabwe, Cuba, the Sandinistas of Nicaragua, India, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, Latin America, the United States, Canada, Mexico, and forces and political parties and organizations in Europe, where the NDFP International Office is based.

He stated that during all those 45 years, the NDFP has also forged solidarity relations with many churches, human rights organizations, trade unions, workers organizations, youth and women’s groups and development organizations, including many European parliamentarians and UN-affiliated formations.

Julie de Lima, member of the NDFP peace negotiating panel and chairperson of the Reciprocal Working Committee on Social and Economic Reforms (RWC-SER), which spearheaded in crafting the NDFP draft on the Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms (CASER), underscored that the CASER is the cornerstone for achieving a just and lasting peace in the Philippines, and would be the key to solving the root causes of the armed conflict — poverty, unemployment, backwardness and underdevelopment.

De Lima emphasized, however, that the forging of the CASER has been proven to be the most difficult, since its core of implementing genuine land reform and free distribution of land to the landless, rural development and national industrialization run counter to the interests of big landlords, the compradors and big businesses, who effectively control the political and economic structures in the Philippines, including Philippine Congress.

Duterte, she stressed, is the most blatant in refusing to negotiate and in flouting his US puppetry and unashamedly allowing the plunder of the Philippine’s resources.

A highlight of the celebration was the recognition accorded by the NDFP to several of its international friends. Among the honorees were Tatiana Lucman, an activist and translator from Indonesia, Rainer Werning, a book author and editor from Germany, Jan Fermon, a Belgian lawyer who expertly defended Professor Sison to have him removed from the so-called terrorist list, Dagmar Eberhard, a medical doctor and Mike Forschner, an IT expert, both from Germany, Wim and Annie van Wijk, husband and wife from the Netherlands who have long been in the solidarity movement for the Philippines, Jan Beentjes, an ex-Dutch soldier and translator (posthumous), and Willem Geertman, a Dutch missionary in the Philippines who was killed by military operatives on July 3, 2012 in Pampanga province (posthumous).

Heartwarming songs were rendered by Filipino cultural artist Jefry Guiban from Belgium, who sang “Makiisa, Manindigan” a music composed by Philippine-based composer Karl Ramirez, and Ms. Janine Santos, a music scholar at the Louvain University in Belgium, who serenaded the awardees.

Among the solidarity greetings and messages received by the NDFP were from the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany, International Committee in Support of the People’s War in India, Red Party of Norway, Kurdistan National Congress, Kurdistan-Philippine Solidarity Organization, Marxist-Leninist Group of Netherlands, Communist Party of Mexico, Workers’ Party of Belgium and the Nepalese Progressive Front-Europe.

Apart from acknowledging the various Filipino migrant organizations and European solidarity groups and friends who were present in the celebration, the NDFP also acknowledged the attendance of Mr. Alvaro Sanchez, charge de’ affaires of the Venezuelan Embassy in the Hague.

Another feature of the celebration was the showing of the video-documentary, “Inside the New People’s Army” produced by the Redfish Media Collective in Berlin, Germany and recently shown on RT Television. It showed that two governments exist in the Philippines – the reactionary regime of Duterte, and the revolutionary movement, led by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the NDFP. The film showed how the NPA guerrillas are organizing the people and their communities in Mindanao, Duterte’s homebase, so they can effectively fight big comprador landlords, and landgrabbers, and big businesses plundering and destroying the environment.

The cultural celebration closed with a rousing performance by the young cultural activists and the singing of the “Internationale”.

Guests were later treated with a sumptuous and delicious dinner prepared and donated by Filipino migrant organizations in the Netherlands.###

To NDFP On Its 45th Anniversary

Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Build The Broadest United Front To Strengthen The Organs of Political Power and The People’s Democratic Government

By Prof. Jose Maria Sison
Founding Chairman, Communist Party of the Philippines and
Co-Founder, National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Amsterdam, The Netherlands, April 21, 2018

Dear Comrades and Friends,


ith boundless joy, we celebrate the 45th anniversary of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines.

Celebrations are held in the Philippines, here in Amsterdam and in other countries where the NDFP or any of its member-organizations has an office. I am proud to have been one of the founders of the NDF on April 24, 1973, less than a year after Marcos proclaimed martial law to impose fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people.

We based ourselves on the work that had been done by the NDF Preparatory Committee since 1969 and on the strength of organizations that had been forced underground by martial law. We drafted and promulgated the NDF 10-Point Guidelines or Program. This document laid the ground for the NDFP elaboration in 1977 and the 12-point Program in 1994.

Since its founding 45 years ago, the NDFP has won great political victories as an indispensble and crucial weapon in coordination with the Communist Party of the Philippines and the New People´s Army as the two other main weapons of the Filipino people in carrying out the general line of people´s democratic revolution through protracted people´s war.

To win these victories, great efforts have been exerted to arouse, organize and mobilize the broad masses of the people. Sacrifices have had to be made in the struggle against US imperialism and the local reactionary classes.

For these victories, we salute and congratulate all the current 18 organizations comprising the NDFP. We honor their leaders and members for their contributions. We accord the highest honors to the martyrs and heroes. The theme of this year´s celebration is ¨Build the Broadest United Front to Strengthen the Organs of Political Power and the People´s Democratic Government (PDR)¨.

The NDFP has helped to build the local organs of political power at the barangay, municipal or city, district and provincial levels in 73 of the 81 provinces of the Philippines to constitute the people´s democratic government. We are determined to help build more and stronger organs of political power. The Filipino people have a people´s democratic government confronting and fighting the reactionary government of the big compradors and landlords whose seat of power is in Metro Manila and other urban areas in the interest of US imperialism and local reaction.

To build the revolutionary government, the 18 NDFP allied organizations have made various contributions. In class terms, we have founded the NDFP on the basic alliance of the working class and the peasantry, won over the middle social strata such as the petty bourgeoisie and the middle bourgeoisie, taken advantage of the splits among the reactionary classes and cooperated with temporary allies among them and acted to isolate, fight and defeat the enemy, usually the worst faction of the reactionary class that is in the service of US imperialism and seeks to perpetuate the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system.

In the process of building the united front for revolutionary armed struggle, the NDFP has engaged in activities and campaigns to promote and realize full national sovereignty, democracy, social justice, economic development through land reform and national industrialization, cultural progress, peace and harmony among the people and international solidarity. The NDFP has provided guidance and support to the people´s democratic government for reaching the people in their millions and for gaining support from the people of the world.

In connection with the people´s revolutionary struggle against the puppet reactionary government, we have emphatically called for building a broad united front although this is a constant line to bring to the NDFP the broad masses of the people who belong to various ethno-linguistic communities and who are both unorganized or organized in various parties, churches, civil organizations and even in the bureaucracy and armed forces of the reactionary government.

For the first time in the history of the NDFP, we refrained for about a year (2016-17) from denouncing the Duterte regime as a puppet reactionary regime to give it a chance to prove what Duterte meant by proclaiming himself to being ¨Left¨ and ¨socialist¨; being against the US and the oligarchy; and being for reforms and for an independent foreign policy. He seemed to be desirous of negotiating and making peace with the NDFP and the revolutionary forces and people that the NDFP represents. He also seemed agreeable to the necessary social, economic and political reforms demanded by the people to make a just and lasting peace. And he promised to amnesty and release all political prisoners even before the start of peace negotiations. But alas, Duterte did not fulfill his promise. In his second year in power, he has turned very hostile to the NDFP and terminated the peace negotiations.

We have therefore responded to his actions accordingly. In very recent weeks, however, he has offered to resume the peace negotiations. And we have agreed. While there is yet no final peace agreement with any regime in the Philippines, the NDFP maintains the policy of waging people´s war along the line of the people´s democratic revolution, despite any kind of ceasefire agreement under certain circumstances.

The broad united front with other forces opposed to the regime stays, even if peace negotiations imply the possibility of permanent truce and alliance with the reactionary regime. We are glad that the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations can probably be resumed soon if certain obstacles and hindrances are removed by the Duterte regime.

There is a need for the peace negotiations in the face of the worsening crisis of the Philippine ruling system and the world capitalist system. The broad masses of the people and even the legal opposition parties are for the resumption of the peace negotiations. There can be national unity and reconciliation, peace and development beyond partisan terms and loyalties. The broadest kind of united front is desirable and possible with the unity of the entire people and all parties to uphold, defend and promote national and democratic rights against US imperialism and its diehard puppets in the Philippines.

However, there can be no guarantee for the positive ultimate outcome of the peace negotiations that are expected to resume formally soon in Oslo. What is important is for the NDFP to always stay on course with its commitment to be in the revolutionary service of the Filipino people and pursue social, economic and political reforms in order to lay the basis for a just and lasting peace. The crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system in the Philippines and the crisis of the world capitalist system keep on worsening. We are confident that the Filipino people will prevail over the crisis conditions and advance towards total victory along the line of people´s democratic revolution with a socialist perspective.

Long the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!
Long live the Filipino people and the Philippine revolution!
Long live international solidarity and the cause of just peace!


Communist Party of the Philippines

Strengthen the NDFP and Carry Forward the People’s Democratic Revolution!

23 April 2018

Message of the Communist Party of the Philippines
To Its Allies in the National Democratic Front of the Philippines
On The Occasion of the NDFP’s 45th founding Anniversary
April 24, 2018

The Filipino people’s revolutionary forces today are holding celebrations across the country and around the globe to mark the 45th anniversary of the founding of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). The leadership and entire membership of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) join this celebration and extend profound greetings of solidarity to their allies in the NDFP.

Uniting the Filipino people


The theme of the NDFP’s 45th anniversary celebrations, “Build the broadest united front to strengthen the organs of political power and the people´s democratic government” correctly points out to the current historic role being played by the NDFP. Indeed, the NDFP plays an important role in building the broadest unity of the Filipino people as they wage revolutionary armed struggle and civil war against the ruling reactionary regime.

The NDFP was established in 1973 based on the initiative and preparations made by the Party since the latter’s reestablishment. It initially brought together the national democratic organizations that went underground upon martial declaration in 1972 by the Marcos dictatorship. They are united by the Filipino people’s aspiration for national and social liberation as crystallized in the Party’s Program for a People’s Democratic Revolution and the NDFP’s 12-Point Program. The NDFP’s immutable commitment to advance the revolution has enhanced its prestige among the people. It continues to draw support and attract new allies. The NDFP has now 18 affiliate revolutionary organizations.

The NDFP is the most consolidated united front organization of basic revolutionary forces under proletarian leadership. It is established on the foundation of the basic alliance of workers and peasants, chiefly expressed by the Party’s leadership of the New People’s Army, as well as by revolutionary mass organizations among various sectors of the toiling masses. It is further composed of various organizations among the petty-bourgeoisie. It reaches out and wins over the middle bourgeoisie and establishes temporary alliances with other class forces to isolate the main enemy.

The NDFP is a united front that steadfastly serves the revolutionary armed struggle being waged by the NPA. For four decades and a half, allied organizations of the NDFP have extended political and material support to the NPA. From the ranks of the NDFP allies have emerged Red fighters and commanders of the NPA.

As a solid united front, the NDFP has served as the strong underground core of broad people’s movements. It served as the mainstay in the broad anti-dictatorship struggle against the Marcos regime. In 1981, it represented the Filipino people in the case against the Marcos regime before the International People’s Tribunal. It has unwaveringly represented the national democratic interests of the Filipino people in the past three decades of successive pseudo-democratic regimes since 1986.

Building and representing the people’s democratic government


By waging protracted people’s war and building the armed strength of the people, organs of political power are being established across the country, primarily in the countryside. These are built from the village level up on the foundations of peasant revolutionary mass organizations. There is a proliferation of revolutionary committees nationwide at the village level. These mobilize the people to carry out land reform and antifeudal struggles, as well as undertake efforts to raise the people’s livelihood. These provide educational, health, economic and other public services. Local conflicts are settled through arbitration. Peace and order is maintained through the mobilization of militias and self-defense units. Drug and other criminal syndicates are prevented from operating in these areas.

The NDFP serves as framework for establishing revolutionary organs of governance at the municipal, district, provincial and regional levels. The national entirety of these organs of political power comprises the people’s democratic government (PDG), albeit in rudimentary form. It administers justice and exercises such state prerogatives as taxation. It implements environmental and other policies in line with the people’s nationalist and democratic aspirations.

Under the Party’s absolute leadership, the NPA serves as the PDG’s armed force. It defends the PDG, helps strengthen and expand its authority and enforces its policies. It engages in civil war against the ruling Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP) which represent the ruling classes of big bourgeois compradors and big landlords under US imperialist hegemony.

The NDFP represents the PDG until it can be formally established. As such, the NDFP has established proto-diplomatic relations with states and other international agencies. It has also represented the PDG in peace negotiations with the GRP since 1986. For more than 25 years, this has been governed by the terms set by The Hague Joint Declaration signed in 1992. The NDFP jointly signed with the GRP the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) in 1998.

Peace negotiations with the Duterte regime


In 2016, the NDFP spiritedly pursued peace negotiations with the Duterte regime after the latter made public declarations of being “Leftist” and anti-American and promising to release political prisoners, support land reform and pursue an independent foreign policy. As a way of engaging and encouraging such declarations, which no reactionary regime made prior, the NDFP acceded to an indefinite ceasefire which lasted a good six months.

In four rounds of peace talks, the NDFP vigorously asserted and advanced the cause of fundamental social reforms and sought the broadest support of all progressive and positive forces. The NDFP came up with a more detailed program which addresses the central socio-economic and political issues of the civil war. The NDFP’s draft on Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) is a practical blueprint of necessary and applicable reforms. It was able to further strengthen and broaden its ties with various patriotic and democratic classes and sectors, as well as with elements of the ruling classes.

Duterte, however, turned his back against his own declarations of reform and mounted an increasingly brutal and cruel war of suppression under Oplan Kapayapaan, targeting unarmed peasants and minority peoples defending their land. Aerial bombing, curtailment of rights to travel and engage in commerce, food and aid blockades, illegal arrests, torture and killings are the norm under Duterte’s martial law in Mindanao and virtual martial law across the country, especially in the rural areas.

Duterte refused to fulfill his promise to issue a general amnesty proclamation to release all political prisoners. He stubbornly demanded the NDFP to commit itself to a prolonged ceasefire prior to any agreement on substantive issues, contrary to the established agenda and succession of issues. Failing to use the peace talks to tie the hands of the revolutionary forces, Duterte declared the termination of peace negotiations with the NDFP in November last year, and subsequently declared the Party and NPA as terrorists and ordered the arrest of the NDFPs’ peace consultants.

Amid increasing isolation brought about by strong resistance to his tyranny, Duterte has recently made overtures to revive peace talks, but has yet to make substantive measure to bring the talks back to track.

Build the broadest anti-fascist united front against the Duterte regime


The Filipino people are currently suffering gravely under the tyranny and terrorism of the US-Duterte regime. As the strongest united front organization, the NDFP plays an important role in building the Filipino people’s broadest unity to isolate and resist the US-Duterte regime. By waging revolutionary resistance, both in the urban underground as well as in rural armed struggle, the NDFP helps strengthen the people’s determination to fight and defeat the despicable regime.

In line with the principles of united front building, the basic revolutionary forces must be resolutely strengthened to serve as solid foundation, rampart and scaffolding for building the broadest anti-fascist united front against the Duterte regime. To do so, the broad masses of workers and peasants must be mobilized in a big way to expose and actively resist the fascist attacks of the Duterte regime against the people. Solid blows by New People’s Army against Duterte’s fascist machinery will rouse widespread resistance against the regime’s tyranny and terrorism.

All revolutionary forces allied with the NDFP must help in building the broadest anti-fascist united front against the Duterte regime. They must exert effort to link up the struggles against Duterte’s fascist terrorism with the people’s anti-imperialist and antifeudal struggles. By doing so, the NDFP is being further strengthened as a united front for advancing the people’s democratic revolution.

The Filipino people’s determination to advance the national democratic revolution is being further steeled amid the worsening crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system. Under the leadership of the Party, the strength of the NPA and reach of the NDFP, they look forward to attaining complete victory in their struggle for national and social liberation.

Palakasin ang NDFP at Isulong Demokratikong Rrebolusyong Bayan!

Mensahe ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas
Sa Mga Kaalyado Nito sa National Democratic Front of the Philippines
Sa Okasyon ng ika-45 na Anibersaryo ng NDFP

Abril 24, 2018

Naglulunsad ngayong araw ang mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa ng sambayanang Pilipino sa buong bansa at sa iba’t ibang bahagi ng mundo ng mga pagdiriwang upang gunitain ang ika-45 anibersaryo ng pagtatatag ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). Nakikiisa ang pamunuan at buong kasapian ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas (PKP) sa pagdiriwang na ito at nagpapaabot ng pagbati ng taos na pakikiisa sa NDFP.

Pagbubuklod sa sambayanang Pilipino


Ang tema ng ika-45 anibersaryo na pagdiriwang na ito ng NDFP, “Itatag ang pinakamalawak na nagkakaisang prente para palakasin ang mga organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitika at ang demokratikong gubyernong bayan” ay wastong tumutukoy sa kasalukuyang istorikong papel na ginagampana ng NDFP. Tunay ngang importante ang ginagampanang papel ng NDFP sa pagtatatag ng pinakamalawak na pagkakaisa ng sambayanang Pilipino sa pagsusulong nila ng ng armadong rebolusyonaryong pakikibaka at gera sibil laban sa naghaharing reaksyunaryong rehimen.

Itinatag ang NDFP noong 1973 batay sa inisyatiba at paghahandang ginawa ng Partido mula nang muli itong itinatag. Panimula nitong binuklod ang mga organisasyong pambansa-demokratiko na naging iligal nang ikdelara ng diktadurang Marcos ang batas militar noong 1972. Binubuklod sila ng hangarin ng sambayanang Pilipino para sa pambansa at panlipunang paglaya na inilinaw sa Programa para sa Demokratikong Rebolusyong Bayan ng Partido at sa 12-Puntong Programa ng NDFP. Ang di nagbabagong paninindigan ng NDFP na isulong ang rebolusyon ay nagtataas sa prestihiyo nito sa bayan. Patuloy itong umaani ng suporta at bagong mga alyado. May 18 rebolusyonaryong organisasyong kaanib sa NDFP.

Ang NDFP ang pinakakonsolidadong nagkakaisang prenteng ng mga batayang rebolusyonaryong pwersa sa ilalim ng proletaryong pamumuno. Itinatag ito sa pundasyon ng batayang alyansang manggagawa at magsasaka, na pangunahing naisasakongkreto sa pamumuno ng Partido sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan, gayundin sa iba pang mga rebolusyonaryong organisasyong masa sa hanay ng iba’t ibang sektor ng masang anakpawis. Binubuo rin ito ng iba’t ibang organisasyon sa hanay ng petiburgesya. Inaabot at kinakabig nito ang panggitnang burgesya at nagtatatag ng pansamantalang alyansa sa iba pang mga pwersang maka-uri upang ihiwalay ang pangunahing kaaway.

Ang NDFP ay nagkakaisang prenteng matatag na sumusuporta sa rebolusyonaryong armadong pakikibaka na isinusulong ng BHB. Sa apat at kalahating dekada, nagbibigay ang mga alyadong organisasyon ng NDFP ng suportang pampulitika at materyal sa BHB. Mula sa hanay ng mga alyado ng NDFP ay lumitaw ang mga Pulang mandirigma at kumander ng BHB.

Bilang solidong nagkakaisang prente, ang NDFP ay nagsilbing matatag na lihim na gulugod ng malawak na mga kilusan masa. Nagsilbi itong pinakamaaasahang pwersa sa malawak na pakikibakang anti-diktadura laban sa rehimeng Marcos. Noong 1981, kinatawan nito ang sambayanang Pilipino sa kaso laban sa rehimeng Marcos na isinampa sa International People’s Tribunal. Walang-tigatig nitong kinatawan ang pambansa-demokratikong interes ng sambayanang Pilipino sa tatlong dekada ng magkakasunod na pseudo-demokratikong mga rehimen mula 1986.

Pagtatatag at pagkakatawan sa bagong demokratikong gubyerno


Sa pagsusulong ng matagalang digmang bayan at pagtatatag ng armadong lakas ng bayan, naitatayo ang mga organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitika sa buong bansa, pangunahin sa kanayunan. Itinatatayo ito mula sa antas baryo pataas sa pundasyon ng mga rebolusyonaryong organisasyong masang magsasaka. Laganap sa buong bansa ang mga rebolusyonaryong komite sa antas baryo. Pinakikilos nito ang mamamayan para isulong ang reporma sa lupa at mga pakikibakang anti-pyudal, at nagsisikap na itaas ang kabuhayan ng mamamayan. Nagbibigay ito ng pampublikong serbisyo sa edukasyon, kalusugan, ekonomya at iba pa. Pinaplantsa nito ang mga lokal na hidwaan sa pamamagitan ng arbitrasyon. Pinananatili ang kapayapaan at kaayusan sa pamamagitan ng pagpapakilos ng mga milisya at yunit pananggol sa sarili. Hinahadlangan sa mga eryang ito ang operasyon ng mga sindikatong kriminal tulad sa droga.

Nagsislbing balangkas ang NDFP para sa pagtatatag ng mga rebolusyonaryong organo ng pamamahala sa antas bayan, distrito, prubinsya at rehiyon. Ang pambansang kabuuan ng mga organo ng kapangyarihang pampulitikang ito ang bumubuo ng demokratikong gubyernong bayan (DGB), bagaman sa panimulang anyo pa lamang. Pinamamahalaanan nito ang katarungan at gumagamit sa mga karapatang pang-estado tulad sa pagbubuwis. Ipinatutupad nito ang mga pangkapaligiran at iba pang patakaran alinsunod sa makabayan at demokratikong hangarin ng bayan.

Sa ilalim ng absolutong pamumuno ng Partido, ang BHB ay nagsisilbing armadong pwersa ng DGB. Ipinagtatanggol nito ang DGB, pinalalakas at pinalalawak ang awtoridad nito at ipinatutupad ang mga patakaran nito. Nakikipaggerang sibil ito sa naghaharing Gubyerno ng Republika ng Pilipinas (GRP) na kumakatawan sa mga naghaharing uring malalaking burgesyang kumprador at malalaking panginoong maylupa sa ilalim ng paghahari ng imperyalismong US.

Kinakatawan ng NDFP ang DGB hanggang di pa ito pormal na itinatatag. Gayon, nakapagsimula ito ng proto-diplomatikong sa ibang mga estado at ahensyang internasyunal. Kinatawan din nito ang DGB sa pakikipagnegosasyong pangkapayapaan sa GRP mula 1986. Sa nagdaang mahigit 25 taon, isinasagawa ito sa ilalim ng mga alituntuning itinakda ng The Hague Joint Declaration na pinirmahan noong 1992. Kasama ng GRP na pinirmahan ng NDFP ang Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL) noong 1998.

Pakikipagnegosasyong pangkapayapaan sa rehimeng Duterte


Noong 2016, buong sigasig na nakipagnegosasyong pangkapayapaan ang NDFP sa rehimeng Duterte matapos magdeklara na ito’y “Kaliwa” at anti-Amerikano at mangakong palalayain ang mga bilanggong pulitikal, susuportahan ang reporma sa lupa at isusulong ang independiyenteng patakarang panlabas. Para salubungin at hikayatin ang gayong mga deklarasyon, na hindi pa ginawa ng alinman sa mga naunang reaksyunaryong rehimen, pumayag ang NDFP na pumasok sa walang taning na tigil-putukan na tumagal nang halos anim na buwan.

Sa apat na beses na usapang pangkapayapaan, buong sigasig na iginiit at isinulong ng NDFP ang panawagan para sa mga repormang panlipunan at nanawagan para sa pinakamalawak na suporta ng lahat ng pwersang progresibo at positibo. Dinetalye ng NDFP ang programa nitong tumutugon sa mga isyuung sosyo-ekonomiko at pulitikal na nasa sentro ng digmang sibil. Ang borador ng NDFP sa Comprehensive Agreement on Socio-Economic Reforms (CASER) ay isang praktikal na plano para sa kinakailangan at maipatutupad na mga reporma. Ibayo nitong napalakas at napalawak ang ugnay nito sa iba’t ibang patriyotiko at demokratikong uri at sektor, maging sa mga elemento ng naghaharing uri.

Subalit tinalikuran ni Duterte ang sarili niyang mga deklarasyon at naglunsad ng papatinding brutal at malupit na gerang mapanupil sa ilalim ng Oplan Kapayapaan, na tumatarget sa mga di armadong magsasaka at minorya na nagtatanggol sa kanilang lupa. Ang paghuhulog ng bomba, pagsupil sa mga karapatan sa pagbiyahe at komersyo, pagboblokeyo sa pagkain at tulong, iligal na mga pag-aresto, tortyur at mga pagpatay ay karaniwan na sa ilalim ng batas militar sa Mindanao at ng di deklaradong batas militar sa buong bansa, laluna sa kanayunan.

Tumanggi si Duterte na tuparin ang pangakong ilalabas na proklamasyon ng pangkalahatang amnestiya para palayain ang lahat ng bilanggong pulitikal. Nagmatigas siyang igiit sa NDFP na matagalang makipagtigil-putukan bago pa man mabuo ang kasunduan sa sustantibong mga usapin, taliwas sa napagkasunduang adyenda at pagkakasunud-sunod ng mga ito. Matapos bigong gamitin ang usapang pangkapayapaan para itali ang kamay ng mga rebolusyonaryong pwersa, idineklara ni Duterte ang pagtatapos ng negosasyong pangkapayapaan sa NDFP noong Nobyembre ng nakaraang taon at pagkatapos ay idineklarang terorista ang PKP at BHB at ipinag-utos ang pag-aresto sa mga konsultant pangkapayapaan ng NDFP.

Sa gitna ng lumalalang pagkahiwalay at malakas na paglaban sa kanyang tiraniya, nagpalipad hangin si Duterte na buhaying muli ang usapang pangkapayapaan, subalit wala pa itong ginawang makabuluhang hakbangin para muling buhayin ang pag-uusap.

Itatag ang pinakamalapad na anti-pasistang nagkakaisang prente laban sa rehimeng Duterte


Matindi ngayon ang pagdurusa ng sambayanang Pilipino sa ilalim ng tiraniya at terorismo ng rehimeng US-Duterte. Bilang pinakamalakas na organisasyong nagkakaisang prente, importante ang papel ng NDFP sa pagbubuo ng pinakamalapad na pagkakaisa ng mamamayang Pilipino para ihiwalay at labanan ang rehimeng US-Duterte. Sa pagsusulong ng rebolusyonaryong paglaban, kapwa sa kilusang lihim sa kalunsuran at armadong pakikibaka sa kanayunan, napalalakas ng NDFP ang determinasyon ng mamamayan na labanan at biguin ang kinamumuhiang rehimen.

Alinsunod sa mga prinsipyo sa pagtatag ng nagkakaisang prente, dapat ubos-kayang palakasin ang mga saligang rebolusyonaryong pwersa upang magsilbing solidong pundasyon, muog at balangkas sa pagbubuo ng pinakamalapad na nagkakaisang prenteng anti-pasista laban sa rehimeng Duterte. Tungo rito, dapat malawakang pakilusin ang mga manggagawa at magsasaka para ilantad at aktibong labanan ang mga pasistang atake ng rehimeng Duterte laban sa bayan. Ang mga solidong bigwas ng BHB sa pasistang makinarya ni Duterte ay makapupukaw ng malawakang paglaban sa tiraniya at terorismo ng rehimen.

Dapat magtulung-tulong ang lahat ng rebolusyonaryong pwersang kaalyado ng NDFP sa pagbubuo ng pinakamalapad na nagkakaisang prenteng anti-pasista laban sa rehimeng Duterte. Dapat magsikap silang iugnay ang paglaban sa pasistang terorismo ni Duterte sa mga anti-imperyalista at antipydaul na mga pakikibaka. Sa gayon, napalalakas ang NDFP bilang isang nagkakaisang prente para sa pagsusulong ng demokratikong rebolusyong bayan.

Ang kapasyahan ng sambayanang Pilipino na isulong ang pambansa-demokratikong rebolusyon ay lalong napapanday sa gitna ng lumalalang krisis ng malakolonyal at malapyudal na sistema. Sa ilalim ng pamumuno ng Partido, kaakibat ng lakas ng BHB at malawak na abot ng NDFP, tinatanaw nila ang pagkamit ng ganap na tagumpay sa kanilang pakikibaka para sa pambansa at panlipunang paglaya.

Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid

Mensahe ng Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid

Sa Ika-45 Anibersaryo ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines

23 April 2018

Andres Agtalon
Tagapagsalita ng PKM

Ipinagbubunyi ng rebolusyonaryong hanay ng Pilipinong magsasaka at manggagawang bukid sa malawak na kanayunan ng bansa ang ika-45 anibersaryo ng National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Isang Pulang pagbati ang ipinaaabot ng Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid sa NDFP, at sa lahat ng magkakaalyadong organisasyon sa balangkas nito, sa patuloy na pag-ani ng mga tagumpay sa pagsusulong ng demokratikong rebolusyong bayan, sa kabila ng matinding kontrarebolusyonaryong atake ng kasalukuyang rehimeng US-Duterte at maging ng nagdaang papet at pasistang mga rehimen. Pinagpupugayan ng PKM gayundin ang di-matatawarang sakripisyo ng huwarang mga bayaning martir mula sa saligang rebolusyonaryong mga pwersa sa gitna ng buhay-at-kamatayang pakikibaka laban sa imperyalismo, pyudalismo at pasismo.

Makabuluhang okasyon ang araw na ito upang muling pagtibayin ng PKM ang mga paninindigan ng NDFP sa dalawang-yugtong rebolusyong Pilipino, sa makauring pamumuno ng proletaryado sa pamamagitan ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, at sa armadong pakikibaka na isinusulong ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan. Patuloy na pinalalalim ng mga kasapi ng PKM ang kanilang pag-unawa sa 12-Puntong Programa ng NDFP at masikhay na nag-aambag sa pagpapatupad nito, kabilang at lalo na ang mga puntong kaugnay ng pagsusulong ng rebolusyong agraryo, pagtatayo ng mga organo ng demokratikong kapangyarihang pampulitika, at pagbubuo ng Pulang hukbo at sistema ng tanggulang bayan.

Ang nagpapatuloy na pyudal at malapyudal na pagsasamantala sa kanayunan – na ibayo pang pinalulubha ng iba’t ibang kontra-mamamayan at maka-imperyalistang patakaran gaya ng bagong batas sa buwis na TRAIN, agresibong mga maniobra ni Duterte para sa charter change at huwad na pederalismo, walang-humpay na militarisasyon sa kanayunan, at ang martial law sa Mindanao – ay araw-araw na mga obhetibong salik na nagtutulak sa uring magsasaka na mulatin, organisahin at pakilusin ang sariling hanay para sa pakikibaka sa lupa, karapatan at buhay.

Sa pangunguna ng PKM, at sa patnubay ng Rebolusyonaryong Gabay sa Reporma sa Lupa at ng antipyudal na linyang makauri, hakbang-hakbang na isinusulong ng rebolusyonaryong kilusang masa ng maralitang magsasaka, panggitnang magsasaka at manggagawang bukid, kasama ang kababaihan at kabataan ng kanayunan, ang mga kampanya at pakikibaka para sa minimum na layuning ibaba ang upa sa lupa, pawiin ang usura, itaas ang sahod, labanan ang komersyanteng pagsasamantala, at iba pa, at sa maksimum na layunin ng libreng pamamahagi ng lupa.

Kasabay ng parehong minimum at maksimum na layunin, naglulunsad ang PKM ng iba’t ibang tipo ng kooperasyon sa produksyon gaya ng palitan ng paggawa, kolektibong bungkalan at iba pa, at pinagagana ang mga ganap na samahang masa nito bilang rebolusyonaryong kooperatiba. Pinatataas ng kooperatibisasyon ang produksyon sa sakahan at sa iba pang gawaing pang-ekonomya para sa kabuhayan ng mga komunidad at
sa pangangailangan ng digmang bayan. Nakapag-aambag gayundin ang sama-samang produksyon sa rebolusyonaryong kaisahan ng PKM at sa pagpapaunlad ng pandama at kaalaman nito sa panimula o batayang sosyalistang mga kaparaanan.

Ang mga tagumpay ng PKM sa rebolusyong agraryo ay nagsisilbing mayamang aral at inspirasyon sa ligal na kilusang magsasaka sa iba’t iba nitong pagkilos gaya ng militante at organisadong pag-okupa at pagbubungkal sa malalawak na lupaing hacienda at plantasyon ng mga panginoong maylupa at multinasyunal na agrokorporasyon, at sa iba pang antipyudal, antipasista at anti imperyalistang nitong pakikibaka. Ang panawagan ng PKM para sa libreng pamamahagi ng lupa sa mga nagbubungkal ay makalilikha ng isang makapangyarihang kilusang bayan na magbubuklod at magpapakilos sa pinakamalawak na hanay ng magsasaka at maralitang mamamayan para sa tunay na reporma sa lupa at sa bagong demokratikong rebolusyon.

Nagagalak ang PKM na, sa balangkas ng pagkakaisa at pagtutulungan ng magkakaalyadong organisasyon ng NDFP, patuloy na nakaaani ng malawak na suporta at tulong ang rebolusyonaryong kilusang magbubukid mula sa rebolusyonaryong kilusan ng manggagawa at maralita, at sa makabayan at demokratikong hanay ng petiburgesyang lungsod. Sa kabilang banda, makaasa ang iba’t ibang rebolusyonaryong organisasyon ng saligang mga pwersa na buung-buo rin ang pagsuporta ng PKM sa iba’t iba nilang pambansa-demokratikong adhikain.

Nais ding kilalanin ng PKM ang magiting, matalino, at matatag-sa-prinsipyong paggampan ng NDFP sa tungkulin nitong katawanin ang buong pambansa demokratikong kilusan sa usapang pangkapayapaan, lalo na sa paggigiit nito sa prinsipyo ng libreng pamamahagi ng lupa at iba pang maka-magsasaka at maka-mamamayang mga probisyon ng Comprehensive Agreement on Social and Economic Reforms o CASER.

Kasalukuyang tuluy-tuloy at sistematikong pinatitindi ng rehimeng US-Duterte, sa pamamagitan ng berdugo, mersenaryo at maka-imperyalistang AFP, ang brutal na pasistang panunupil at dahas sa kanayunan upang tangkaing gapiin ang mga pagsulong at tagumpay sa rebolusyong agraryo at digmang bayan ng PKM, Bagong Hukbong Bayan at Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas. Makaaasa ang NDFP at ang sambayanang nakikibaka na buo ang loob ng PKM na aktibong itong lalahok sa pagbigo sa hibang na pangarap ng rehimeng US-Duterte hanggang sa ito mismo ay mapatalsik.

Ibayong palalawakin at patatatagin ng PKM ang hanay nito mula sa antas baryo, munisipalidad, pataas, upang tuluy-tuloy na ilunsad ang rebolusyong agraryo at ang rebolusyonaryong kilusang kooperatiba. Ibayong magsisikap ang PKM sa tungkulin nito na magbigay ng iba’t ibang suporta sa Bagong Hukbong Bayan kabilang, lalo na, ang mas papalaking bilang ng mapasasampang bagong Pulang mandirigma, habang pinatatag ang mga yunit pananggol-sa-sarili sa mga baryo.

Sa ika-45 taon ng NDFP, gayundin sa panahong nananabik ang lahat ng rebolusyonaryong organisasyon at mamamayan sa ika-50 anibersaryo ng Partido Komunista ng Pilipinas, muling ipinahahayag ng PKM ang kahandaan nitong gawin ang lahat ng makakaya upang maisulong ang digmang bayan mula sa kasalukuyang estratehikong depensibang yugto tungong yugtong pagkakapatas. Walang duda, kaisa ng NDFP, Partido at Hukbo ang Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid sa pagmartsa ng sambayanan. Pasulong. Hanggang tagumpay!

Ipagbunyi ang ika-45 na taon ng NDFP!
Mabuhay Ang Lahat Ng Magkakaalyadong Rebolusyonaryong Organisasyon Ng NDFP!
Mabuhay Ang Pambansang Katipunan ng Magbubukid!
Mabuhay ang ika-49 na taon ng Bagong Hukbong Bayan!
Mabuhay Ang Partido Komunista Ng Pilipinas At Ipagdiwang Ang Nalalapit Na Ika-50 Anibersaryo Nito!

NDFP - Panay

On the 45th Anniversary of NDFP
Concha Araneta
Spokesperson NDFP-Panay 24 April 2018

Once again a thunderous and resounding applause to the National Democratic Front of the Philippines!

With much pride and honor we greet the NDFP on its 45th year of significant advances and gains. The NDFP has held high its prestige and has gained ever more respect in the international and national political scene inspite of the fascist Duterte’s invectives against the revolutionary movement which culminated with his autocratic suspension of the peace negotiations thru his Proclamation No. 360.

In one breath he also declared the CPP-NPA as terrorist organizations thru Proclamation No. 374. These proclamations were issued on November 2017. Barely four months later, early this April the blabbermouth president backtracked on his expletives and announced his willingness to resume peace negotiations.

The hollowness of his threat to pulverize the New People’s Army was markedly contrasted by the solid blows of the NPA which has launched close to a thousand tactical offensives and other military actions across the country this past year. These blows and strong public demand coming from the church, intellectuals, professionals, progressive lawmakers and other middle and basic sectors to resume the peace talk has compelled Duterte to show sham readiness to talk again.

In arrogant fashion he pronounced to resume the negotiations but reiterated his worn-out preconditions contravening the Hague Joint Declaration that prohibits preconditions before dialogue. True to the Party’s call and the NDF program we have increased our strength — in numbers and spread. NDF-Panay claims influence in 73% of the 101 towns and cities of the region, in 74% of the 3398 barangays in Panay with 25% of these barangays solidly organized. Our mass organizations have definitely grown bigger and stronger. All the allied organizations of the NDF in Panay have increased their membership and have strengthened their positions in strategic locales, schools, workplaces, communities, offices and other important sectors of society. From 17 member-organizations last year we are now up to 18. Our mass organizations have maintained their militancy and leadership in the struggles of the broad masses against a tyrant ruler that stifles the masses day by day thru economic and political impositions aggravated by militarist rule especially in areas where revolutionary armed resistance persists.

The peasant masses have achieved tangible gains in their struggle to till public lands and CARPable lands long overdue, have raised farmgate prices of their products and have increased farm wages. All these thru organized actions such as land occupation, dialogue and negotiations.

The NPA has been invigorated with new young recruits from the peasantry and urban youth full of enthusiasm to learn from the masses, strike at enemy troops and weather all sacrifices and difficulties in order to win battles and contribute to the regime’s downfall. MAKIBAKA has significantly contributed women Red fighters and officers to the full-time guerrilla units, local militia and self-defense corps. They inspire women to stand up and rise against a macho-fascist dictator and take up arms for the liberation of all women and the Filipino people.

NDF-Panay has been at the core of a strong movement in the region against the US-Duterte tyrannical rule which aims to upturn the reactionary 1987 Constitution to pave the way for Duterte dictatorship and complete foreign ownership of the country’s natural resources and public utilities. We have consistently bannered sectoral issues and people’s demands especially against the new tax (TRAIN) imposition which greeted the people at the break of the new year.

In January alone, the ever-greedy insatiable oil monopolies raised fuel prices five times without a whimper from the puppet government. On the contrary, Duterte the callous chief representative of the landlord and comprador class, on the pretext of environmental concern capriciously announced to shut down Boracay without any teeny bit concern about the disastrous effect to more than a hundred thousand people – regular and irregular workers, fisherfolks, residents and small businessmen. But the real score here is his plan to turn the island resort into a gambling, drug and prostitution den run by his Chinese and Filipino clique. The public outcry of workers, residents, employees, small and middle resort and restaurant owners and other mediocre income-earners prompted him to take back such a plan of putting up a giant gambling complex and instead announced his absurd notion to put Boracay under land reform, to temporarily pacify the clamor.

A master of deception indeed. But the people will no longer be deceived by this country’s chief swindler. This year will be portent of more strikes and protest actions against TRAIN, Cha-cha, fuel prices, contractualization, unemployment, slave labor, jeepney phase-out, abuse of OFWs, extra-judicial killings, bombings and other human rights abuses. Duterte’s incongruous behaviour and high-handed attitude towards peace negotiations with the NDFP only exposes his reactionary and puppet nature to US-CIA machinations. But the revolutionary movement does not at all rely solely on peace talks to resolve the country’s armed conflict.

People’s war with the armed struggle at the forefront and the open democratic movement of hundreds of thousands against a most brutal regime are the decisive factors to bring down Duterte as the people had done against the dictator Marcos and the plunderous Estrada.

However even when Duterte has proven himself a trick and a liar, NDF-Panay continues to support an honest resumption of the peace talks. This is so because we believe that the issues being put forward by the NDFP at the table are for the people’s genuine interests, especially the implementation of genuine land reform, and national industrialization, the defence of national sovereignty and the realization of peace based on justice.




Peace Forum - NDFP @ 45

UP Bahay ng Alumni April 24, 2018

Louis Jalandoni and Connie Jalandoni


Ka Mameng Diuneda, ang noventa anyos na Chairman Emeritus ng KADAMAY


Paul Galutera